Take Buffet’s Advice – Buy a Crypto Index

Okay, obviously Warren Buffet did not recommend a *crypto* index, but he did say that an index of the S&P 500 is the best solution for most people who want to invest. Luckily, we now have cryptocurrency index funds. Despite best efforts at “doing your own research”, no one really knows what the top 10 coins will be in a few years. An index fund could be the best option for people who just want financial exposure to crypto without making it a lifelong learning process.

You can ease your decision-making and gain broader exposure through various indexes. I’m not personally vouching for any one of these, but just want to point out that they exist.

[C20 – CRYPTO20]( Market-cap weighted index of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Continually updated in the same way as the S&P 500.

[C10 – Cryptocurrency Top 10 Index]( – Not simply a “top 10” version of C20 above. Holdings are voted on by holders of “NDX token“. Current holdings are mostly deFi protocols like Uni, Compound, and Curve

[DEGEN Index]( – “The DEGEN Index aims to seek out alpha via higher risk/reward emerging projects with exceptionally high growth potential, predominantly in the DeFi sector.”

[PieDao DeFi Large Cap]( – “Blue chips only. DEFI+L represents DeFi’s biggest and best. Like all our pies DEFI+L actively rebalances, constantly locking in profits as market prices fluctuate. These large cap DeFi projects manage billions of dollars of assets and provide a wide range of financial tools, from synthetic derivatives to decentralized loans.” Current holdings are LINK / AAVE / UNI / MKR / YFI / COMP / SNX / SUSHI

PieDao Play – “A collaboration between the PieDAO and NFTX communities, PLAY is an Ethereum gaming, NFT and metaverse powerhouse. Thanks to NFTX’s NFT funds PLAY provides direct exposure to ERC-721 NFTS alongside the most promising platforms for Ethereum game developers, builders, players, and creators.”

Most of these are available on Uniswap or deFi exchanges, but PieDao also has a “Bake” option to pool your transaction with others and save on gas costs.

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  1. And then there is u/Joe-M-4 outperforming S&P 500 with his experiment for years. Look at his Top 10 experiment!





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