Talk about Bitcoin “inequality’?

Let’s compare to fiat real inequality:

Jeff Bezos is worth about 194.9 billion dollars. Making the median US income, it would take a person 3.89 million years to make that much.

Progressive Democrats want to create a ‘Wealth Tax’ for people making more than 50 million. That seems fair, but…

‘Treasury Secretary [Janet Yellen]( [said last week]( that such a tax would have “very difficult implementation problems.” ‘

Fuck their printed-to-infinity centralized fiat corrupt system.

So, keep stacking sats. As Citibank just said on its long and detailed report, Bitcoins is the future of finance.

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  1. Sorry to tell you bud, but yeah its difficult to implement… generally, the rich can legally avoid paying that tax through accounting magic…

    I personally have no desire to become a billionaire (I don’t want to pay the real-life cost that comes along with it)… but I also don’t hate billionaires…



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