TapMyData ($TAP). Using NFTs to Take Back Control of your data. Control your own digital identity, mint NFT’s of verified consent, and license these to companies who need to rebuild trust. Taking your personal data away from companies and hold them in an NFT on the blockchain.

According to Forbes, in just over **two years**, users have generated **90**% of the **world’s data.**

With **decentralized currency**, there needs to be **decentralized movement on the net.** On this subreddit, I see a lot of coins without a use case that are mentioning that a token will moon this and that, but without a real use case, it’s a risky investment that needs the perfect timing to sell. Because after every pump, there comes a dump.

The Internet has an enormous amount of information waiting to be retrieved, and each time they use search engines to find answers, users **create** data[.](


* More than half of all searches are from **mobile phones.**
* More than 7 billion people currently use the internet (an increase of 7.5% compared to 2016).
* On average, Google processes more than 40,000 searches per second (or 3.5 billion searches per day).
* Although 77% of searches are done on Google, other search engines also contribute a part to the amount of data users generate each day. At the present time, worldwide there are 5 billion searches per day.

All companies want to have that **huge** amount of data for advertising purposes or to be able to **sell** **for a profit.** But we ourselves don’t have access **to our own data**. **Tapmydata** has helped us do just that, it provides all the power to make decisions about our own data.

***”Powered*** ***by end-to-end-encryption and blockchain technology Tap helps empower the individual to take control of their data, and builds a personal data store for them to manage this. At the same time, the Tap platform helps organizations communicate and respond directly to their customers; de-risking and managing the data that they hold.”***

What do they offer and how will they solve these issues?

## Data Dialogue

Companies struggle to **exchange** **personal** **info** and **credentials** in **any** context — breaking the customer experience.

They offer a channel for communication to flow around a need to **share** data, consisting of an **app** for people to exercise their rights, a **secure** **wallet**, and **a web portal for businesses to manage requests and share data.**

## Data unlocked

Let’s take the example of data rights: most organizations take a **traditional**, **compliance**-**focused** approach to this challenge involving details buried in **privacy policies, web forms, email exchanges and letters via ‘snail mail’**. Gartner estimates each request processed in this way costs $1,400, and the volumes are rising steadily…

## The Solution

* **Push a ‘case’ to a customer; rights request, client onboarding, location safeguarding check-in**
* **Customized auto-responses give individuals a threshold level of information on data you hold direct to their phone, without compromising security**
* **Replace email exchanges with secure chat, AI-driven responses outside office hours**
* **Built-in identity verification assurance**
* **Statement of record to the blockchain with full audit trail**

# Identity Defined

One of the challenges in sharing data is e**stablishing individuals’ identity**. This is a requirement of **GDPR and CCPA**, but the proof **demanded by organizations is** often **inappropriate for the task** and can significantly **raise their own level of risk.**

* For use cases like data rights, location check-in and volunteer onboarding, they offer their own, **light-touch ID** verification and biometric technology to create a **unique** set of credentials where a **full KYC solution is not appropriate.**
* **Easy to use** — ‘consumer grade’ technology
* Total security with **end-to-end encryption**
* **Privacy by Design** from inception
* **Open API** & **Third-party integrations with leading CRM platforms**

# Token

Data is being used and abused to create silos **worth $350Bn annually.** Now it’s being weaponized, and central platforms are overrun by brokers and bad actors.

**Tapmydata** is building a personal decentralized data protocol to break this cycle. Users can each **control their own digital identity, mint NFT’s of verified consent** and l**icense these to companies who need to rebuild trust.**

The platform is built for **interoperability**, **leveraging** **money legos**, **data unions** and distributed storage solutions for **Web3** partners to engage in their vision. **Your Data; Your Destiny.**

TAP is **Tapmydata’s** native protocol token and is issued by TAP Protocol Ltd.

>***Token Name: Tapmydata
Token Ticker: TAP
Token Type: ERC20
Initial Supply: 100,000,000
Maximum Supply: 100,000,000***

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