Tech Lead’s Million Token scam has been exposed as their community implodes.

Record number of crypto scams in Eastern Europe

As you all know, there is a scam token created by the infamous Tech Lead and marketed to his Youtube and twitter followers. He was exposed earlier today in a video produced by CoffeeZilla, who is well known for his investigatory work in the crypto space, you can view his video [here](

Not only is the price tanking due to this revelation. The community is crumbling under it’s own weight as it’s religious hopefuls and FUDers battle it out. To spice things up, their commander in chief and shill general has tipped the scale to FUD territory, causing complete chaos in their discord.

What followed after this was a huge ban wave with anything making humor of the matter OR supporting his concerns. The mere mention of him also landed a ban.

The chaos all started with a total ban of their discord server on the platform for brigading other discord servers during their so-called “**raids**”, a form of marketing they adopted that involved their users spamming other servers with memes and messages in support for Million Token. This included the Dogecoin and Safemoon servers. However, this didn’t stop them and they created a new server and carried on, until this very moment.

I don’t know how many more times we need to witness a scam like this before we learn our lesson. But while they still exist, we can always enjoy the entertainment.

**Note:** Their discord is well known for brigading so expect a lot of downvotes to suppress this post.

[Tech lead joking about being smarter than Vitalik](

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