Ted Cruz Pushes for Capitol Hill Vendors to Accept Cryptocurrency

Ted Cruz Pushes for Capitol Hill Vendors to Accept Cryptocurrency

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  1. Kind of reminds me of how Uncle Ted is always singing the virtues of the cryptocurrency movement while Goldman Sachs is ramps up a crypto trading desk & begins funding related ventures.

    And Ted’s wife Heidi is a Goldman Sachs managing director…

  2. Virtue signalling that will go nowhere because the Senate doesn’t actually pass legislation anymore. Even if the Dems wanted to put this crypto bill to a vote, the Reps would filibuster it. Wouldn’t be the first time they filibustered their own bill, either.

    I’m all for BTC recognition and adoption at the federal level, and recognize that it probably needs to start small. But this isn’t even starting small. This is a political non-starter bill from a single member of the minority party howling into the wind. Not any different from the Panama thing right after El Salvador made BTC legal tender. If the Reps take back the senate next year let’s see if there’s any real support or if it was just more pandering to court disenfranchised Libertarians in his next bid for president.

    Dems really need to pull their heads out of their rears and embrace the progressive, forward-thinking aspects of BTC and crypto with the time they’ve got left as the majority party.

  3. Ted Cruz is a terrible human being and a grifter. He’ll say and do whatever gives him power and money.

    Even if he were to be the biggest supporter of crypto, I wouldn’t want anything to do with him.

    And that’s only politics aside!

  4. Vendors will figure out how to accept crypto when they’re good and ready.

    They don’t need some diktat imposed from upon high.

    > He isn’t the first to recognize this fact. 20 years ago, Peter Thiel predicted something very similar to Bitcoin and expected governments to be completely clueless about it.

    Well he expected wrong.

    Clearly this particular American tech emperor hadn’t read William Rees-Mogg’s *The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Digital Age* where Bitcoin was predicted way back in 1997. A book widely read by folks in the British government.

    William is the former editor of The Times and Father of the leader of the British House of Commons.

    I think it’s fair to say quite a few people in government circles have been prepared for all this for a very very long time.

    They are just, perhaps, more attuned to the old adage “discretion is the better part of valour” and don’t feel the need to stand on a stage and make a big song and dance about it all.

    “Loose lips sink ships” as the original Bletchley Park cypherpunks and their American friends used to say, eh.

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