Telsa hints it may soon resume support for crypto/btc payments

Telsa hints it may soon resume support for crypto/btc payments

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  1. I think it is best for the Bitcoin community to stop giving power to people like Elon Musk. This is because the more people think he matters in Bitcoin, the more he does. So by not talking about him, we can greatly reduce his powers, just like that Halloween episode in the Simpsons with the talking billboards. Also on the subject, I propose we also stop talking about China so much. In the grandeur of things Elon and China don’t mean shit.

  2. Did you know that if you own a company you can accept any form of payment you wish, you technically don’t even have to accept dollars if you don’t want to, I can start a car company and sell them for bags of rice if I want to, I won’t sell many cars but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it…. money is just the place holder for the exchange of goods and services, people accept dollars because they can spend dollars, your property means you determin it’s worth. If Tesla wants to accept bitcoin they can, if they want to accept dollars they can, if they want to accept fucking bottle caps fallout style who’s to stop them?

  3. tldr; Tesla believes cryptocurrencies could emerge as a “liquid alternative to cash” over the longer term. Tesla previously accepted Bitcoin as payment for electric vehicle purchases between January and March of this year. The electric vehicle manufacturer also invested $1.5 billion worth of its treasury into Bitcoin during the first quarter of 2021.

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  4. honestly, at this point no one any longer cares

    rather hold that bitcoin than buy an overpriced potentially self-combustioning car or buy a normal one instead which you can fuel up everywhere

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