Tesco Launches ‘Just Walk Out’ Store To Take On Amazon Fresh – – Daily Cryptocurrency and FX News

Tesco Launches ‘Just Walk Out’ Store To Take On Amazon Fresh – – Daily Cryptocurrency and FX News

The GetGo store uses weight sensors and skeleton outlines to track shoppers who are billed when they leave.

Tesco, with its first “just walk out” store where it is possible to buy groceries without having to scan items or visit a till is posing serious competition to Amazon.

Its GetGo store in Holborn, central London, follows a small trial of a similar store at its head office in Welwyn Garden City, which has been selling goods to the retailer’s staff since 2019.

Weight sensors in the shelves work with an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can track an individual’s movement around the store and monitor the items they pick up via cameras, which follow each shopper. The AI system works by building a unique skeleton outline of each person rather than using facial recognition.

To use the store, shoppers must download the app, where they check-in by scanning a QR code generated on their phone. Shoppers, once inside, can pick up the items they want without scanning them. The bill is automatically charged to a shopper’s Tesco account when they leave.

The shop, with the usual range of goods, from fresh flowers and alcohol to sandwiches, ready meals, and bakery items, looks very similar to any other Tesco Express convenience store. Cigarettes and alcohol are sold in a separate zone where a member of staff, about a dozen of whom, are on duty on any day, is present to check that shoppers meet age restrictions.

The AI technology in the Holborn store, being the first time that has been used by a UK retailer, has been developed in partnership with the specialist technology firm Trigo, led by two scientists who previously worked in the Israel Defence Forces.

Just over six months after Amazon launched its first till-less grocery store in the UK, in Ealing, west London, Tesco GetGo opens. Having six of the Amazon Fresh outlets in the capital, the US retail, and technology group is expected to open at least four more, including one almost opposite Tesco’s Holborn outlet.

Sainsbury’s opened a till-free store nearby in 2019. However, the outlet closed a few months later after shoppers found scanning items with their phones too clunky. Tesco is hoping that its efforts to make it easy to sign up to its grocery app, which already has 6.5 million regular users, will help make its version more popular.

Kevin Tindall, the managing director of Tesco’s convenience store business, said:

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience and our latest innovation offers a seamless checkout for customers on the go, helping them to save a bit more time. This is currently just a one-store trial but we’re looking forward to seeing how our customers respond.”

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