Texas governor Abbott stating that Texas will become the #1 Bitcoin state

Texas governor Abbott stating that Texas will become the #1 Bitcoin state

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  1. The U.S. has really 4 states that have proven to be hardcore Pro-Bitcoin.

    Two who were here first: New Hampshire (Live Free or Die!) and Wyoming

    And two new kids: Texas and Florida (The “10000 Bitcoin Pizza” was purchased in Florida, but I’m talking about establishing pro-Bitcoin regulations on a state level). In New York, the curtains don’t match the drapes.

    If you are in these 4 states, and are hardcore, you will end up on the right side of history. The U.S., in general, is fertile ground for Bitcoin, but these 4 are a cut above.

  2. WA has so much surplus hydroelectric that’s it’s sold off to neighboring states, making it a net energy exporter of clean energy. Add to that legal cannabis, not regulating womens bodies, white hot tech economy, waterfalls, temperate winters and summers…

  3. Holy hell any mention of any place or person that happens to be republican in this sub triggers the reddit hivemind like crazy.. and they swarm the sub just to bitch about it even if they don’t post here..

  4. Jesus the parrots sqawking in this sub are ridiculous.

    Y’all seriously can’t help yourselves with the mere sight of the word “Texas”.

    It’s sad that I have to scroll way down to even read a comment about bitcoin.

  5. Lol at the dipshits being all MUH ENERGY BLACKOUTS, as if their beloved California doesn’t have rolling blackouts far worse than Texas.

    But hey, whatever comforts the Californians as their state is literally on fire for half the year and they step over homeless people, feces, and heroin needles to get to work so they can pay $10k a month rent for their broom closet.

  6. Yeah maybe try to get through a winter where your power and gas grid stays online, people are not dying from lack of it, Texas is not a national embarrassment on every tv station on the planet, senators are not fleeing to Cancun, and people are not losing their life savings due to outrageous energy costs. Then maybe we can talk about this mining thing, OK Mr Texas Energy Man?

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