Tezos (XTZ) were on the halo of the winning driver of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

Max Verstappen who drives for Red Bull won the Monaco Grand Prix yesterday. It was reported last week that Red Bull had partnered with Tezos and you can see their logo on the halo of the car in this picture (the protective bar near the driver’s feet):

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I was surprised to see just how prominent the logo is on the car!

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  1. No way. I watched the whole race and didn’t notice it.
    I guess I’ve just started normalizing cryptos and now I’m not even seeing them anymore (just like I do with my wallet)

  2. It’s remarkable how after all the good news and adoption Tezos doesn’t really move past rank 40-44, but by virtue of not crashing as hard as other projects, Tezos moves to rank 32.

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