Thank You: 343 pounds (156 kilos) of Food given to people in my community in Venezuela

Some days ago someone crossposted an update I made of the project we started a week ago in Venezuela to help people with food during this humanitarian crisis. People from r/cryptocurrency asked me for my Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Hedera hashgrap (HBAR) wallet addresses to send money to buy food for my community.

Yesterday 343 pounds of food were given to people in need. Most of them live in my community. There are far more people I want to help.

Thank you for helping us. We are truly grateful for the food you helped us to buy. I wish we could continue to do this.

Feel free to ask me any question.













Without you, this wouldn’t be possible, as cliché as it sounds, in most cases you are the only persons helping people who have lost their income and are unable to work, specially elder people and children. I appreciate anything you can send.

We can receive funds in any of these addresses.

Bitcoin: 16w9PsTMKGsd9u4wuGN6WV1tcQNrQBEQmU

Bitcoin SegWit: bc1qun795pt5d5wdrtu5hhd44rhxmvkmnjxqd3m496

Dash: XtyggxgFeUzBkSYwsHsiFYcLaT4immJJ8P

Bitcoin Cash: 1Lk4LsL9BECWFp2f5GEe6DRfm1QN3japLB

HBAR Account ID 0.0.156734

Cardano: DdzFFzCqrhsiCjpHozf2qfwzjJiESoNaAiEXQZxMgLExcVcUoQWXt27GvnL39vj7pgrv2qYkxct9SoYUBeszogGsgTVk5Sf6oJvR9MMy

Ripple: rD9ZAoVpE9SRZ451MQqXSePzWboVEceeAM

Ethereum: 0xa0f86b2fbbabc064261fc6e49ecaf6342a87c141

Litecoin: LTfNEeUcJDVUpYHzquFSFvvq47PCeYaAbo

Polkadot DOT: 14B1S3GqLrMy6oLNfukYmzbMy48b5sV7mRjQRBktWNqvGzQh

DOGE: D5Co6S764mNLTrNfRphX3rfY33ryFT5zsh

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  1. To anyone who reads this. Take a minute to scroll through the post and upvote OPs comments. Some of us are not able or willing to donate but an upvote costs you nothing.

  2. Thank you u_CaracasGirl for doing this, we have plenty of redditors (myself included) who dont really watch mainstream news anymore, I of course knew that Venezuela has been going through some terrible changes but that would have been the extent of it. Because of posts like yours I am much more informed and now have the opportunity to help in an easy and convenient way that would not have been possible before Reddit and crypto….. Keep up the great work!!!!

  3. Seeing posts like this, I feel like we are the resistance. Even if we have some disputes among ourself, in post like these we all bond together. Thank you for your hard work for your community and thanks all of r/CryptoCurrency for being such generous people.

  4. I saw your post originally in the r/Wallstreetsilver sub and then the share on r/CryptoCurrency

    This is wonderful; it makes me happy to see that there are decent human beings still living among us.

  5. That is wonderful, how did I missed it? And the old mummies in gov are saying that cryptos are being used only for illegal activities and laundering money lol. Fuck them. Where politics and elite won’t help you, cryptos are the way !

  6. This is amazing, you did a great job! Are you planning to do this more often, are there already plans? Because I missed this completely and would be in the next time 🙂



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