That guy reddit loves to hate takes aim at rising inflation caused by the Federal Reserve. Over 3 million US viewers watched this. Critique the message rather than the messenger.

That guy reddit loves to hate takes aim at rising inflation caused by the Federal Reserve. Over 3 million US viewers watched this. Critique the message rather than the messenger.

That guy reddit loves to hate takes aim at rising inflation caused by the Federal Reserve. Over 3 million US viewers watched this. Critique the message rather than the messenger. from Bitcoin

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  1. The most scary thing is not the inflation it is the compound effect of inflation with near zero interest rates. For the average person, there is no way to keep up with inflation in this scenario.

    We are headed for the edge of a giant abyss and if something doesn’t change soon, things are going to get real bad. Stack up those Bitcoin sats to hedge against the dangerous policies and neglegent actions of government.

  2. Tell us you used to rip lines without telling us you did:

    “It’s 3am, your lips are numb and feeling great to crush that downtown meeting in 5 hours because of… umm.. oh yes…Vodka” 😂

    (3:30 mark)

  3. Quantitative easing isn’t money printing. It swaps Bank Reserves for Treasuries Bills. The Bank Reserves are only collateral though and can’t be spent, only borrowed against on the banks’ own risk. Treasuries are effectively taken out of circulation, keeping their price high by decreasing their supply and preventing speculation (which would make interest rates shoot up, bankrupting the entire economy if permitted). The only thing that is increased by QE is the monetary base.

    In the past, surpressing interest rates via QE led to an increase in lending (higher demand because money is cheap), which would increase M2 and ultimately lead to inflation and be perceived as money printing. That’s where the problem lies: We wish QE would trigger an increase in lending, leading to more economic activity. However, it doesn’t anymore. QE is only good for manipulating the price of the government’s and corporate debt at this point (when you drove yields to zero already). I don’t see what else it is good for.

    Given the labour market, I don’t think they will start a taper. They would just kill tge economy.

    Buy bitcoin.

  4. Fun fact: The models used to predict inflation use “inflation exepectations” as a part to predict what the inflation will be. They believe that what the population thinks the inflation will be, will affect what the actual inflation will be. It sounds logical, however its based on nothing and has no empirical evidence or historical data to back it up. There is no cause and effect in the short term, and only a small correlation in the long term.

    Why does this matter? If the FED and other organisations believe this is true, they also believe that keeping information about rising inflation away from the public is a good thing. Also their numbers might be flawed.

    The first thing you will notice with my source is that its from the federal reserve itself. The guy writing this has worked in the federal reserve. So its a good insight into how the models used are flawed, but also the attitude the federal reserve and other similar organisations has in regards to the public, and keeping information hidden.

    Source: [](

    English isnt my first language btw

  5. This is not a partisan issue. Virtually all political parties around the globe have a common goal of inflating their nations’ currencies beyond recognition in an effort to destroy the working class. Avoiding theft through inflation is probably the single most important purpose for Bitcoin.

  6. Tucker actually understands so much more than most people. I’m glad people like him stand up for BS and try to educate the public. Side note, redditors hating on him should maybe try to listen a little.

  7. That both sides agree on this just means that it s likely to be true that the citizens and all people in the world that rely on US Dollar are gettin screwed in real-time.

    stack sats

  8. It’s sad how many people are just now starting to listen to common sense.. where the hell was everybody a year or more ago. All I saw was bashing on anybody speaking like a human gifted with any sense of logic, everybody crying conspiracy theorist. It gets frustrating observing the ignorance, and being treated ignorant for having common sense.

  9. Inflation will destroy the middle class. The housing market will collapse. People will be underwater. Banks will fail when the payments are non existence.The fake economy with fail and the fake news won’t report it until there is blood in the streets next summer.

  10. Just remember, he’s only saying it because his dear leader isn’t the one printing the money, and his corporate media team is instructed to be critical of the current people in charge.

    There has been an inflation bomb building since 2008’s Bush bailout at the end of his term. Obama continued the heavy debt spending, Trump increased it, now Biden is keeping the foot on the pedal.

    The only time this specific station and its talking heads didn’t mention the evils of debt spending was when their political party’s leader was in charge.

  11. they hate him because he exposes the truth about the left, and most of reddit are libtards. but guess what, he’s still right and the democrats are 100% the people ruining the country for the past 3 decades

  12. One thing that really stood out to me over the past 1.5 years is how most people in my social circle are completely unwilling to recognise the cost-benefit analysis of their favourite government interventions.

    Those who were pro-lockdown, pro-furlough and pro-stimulus in 2020 are now crying about the rising costs of housing and food in 2021. And those who are pushing hardest for zero-carbon and green energy policy are now shocked to discover that energy prices are skyrocketing and suppliers are collapsing. Turns out that decommissioning your natural gas and nuclear plants while outsourcing everything to Russia and China will do that.

  13. Tucker is spot on, but I wish he’d lay off the color commentary. It cheapens his message when he throws personal insults at the people he’s reporting on. Calling people reptiles while trying to be a serious reporter…

  14. I sometimes feel bad for people on the left whose news sources never explain this theory and actually cheerlead the money printing. This blindness has likely prevented them from buying bitcoin aka the best investment opportunity of our lifetimes.

  15. Occasionally a broken clock is correct, usually about twice a day. This parasite survives off outrage machine the Murdoch media empire has created. Conservatives critiquing money printing isn’t exactly novel.

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