The 32nd Tokyo Olympics: Bet On Your Favorite Games and Enjoy Bonuses

The 32nd Tokyo Olympics: Bet On Your Favorite Games and Enjoy Bonuses

After a year-long wait, the Tokyo Olympics is now in full gear. As teams go head-to-head in the tournament’s series of competitions, fans across the world continue to anticipate the outcomes of their favorite games.

The tournament would have taken place last year, but for the outbreak of coronavirus, which brought all sporting events to a halt. Consequently, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to shift the 32nd edition of the game to 2021, and here we are!

Interestingly, with the delay comes even more enticing news. The organizing committee has now added six games to feature in the Tokyo Olympics, which is a nice surprise for both the lovers of baseball, climbing, and the other four sports, as well as bookers who now have more games to stake on.

How Can Fans Maximize Their Passion for the Tokyo Olympics?

Fans of the Tokyo Olympics now have numerous things to enjoy. Many bookmakers have given a special preference to the tournament, making it one of the most rewarding. In this regard, 1xBit leads the way as the platform continues to provide generous bonuses along with relevant data and betting options for players to enjoy their bets.

1xBit provides players with the odds available for the games, but also with a bit of backdrop on each game. This includes data on stadiums, the last time the teams met, weather forecasts, and other relevant details to inform bet players. The sportsbook integrates all relevant features necessary to enjoy  the tournament. As such, all the six sports added to the Tokyo Olympics are now available on 1xBit with impressive odds.

1xBit stands out as the best crypto sportsbook for any fan looking to maximize their passion. The sportsbook offers the highest odds and allows you to diversify your portfolio. With a multi-currency account, you get to switch across various cryptocurrencies out of the over 30 supported assets, including BTC, ETH, DAI. Yet, despite the numerous activities you can engage in on 1xBit, you are free to do it all anonymously, meaning your transactions cannot be linked to your identity.

More so, when you get started on the platform, you’re eligible for up to 7 BTC welcome bonuses to make your betting journey smooth. Additionally, getting started is a stress-free process, as the system generates your login details automatically.

Another thing setting 1xBit apart from the crowd is the regard for high-end security. The platform has never been hacked, and this is due to the end-to-end encryption and numerous other layers of security ensuring that players’ data and funds remain secure. When you consider that despite all these benefits, you don’t have to fill any KYC form, you’ll realize that 1xBit service offerings are distinguished in the marketplace.

Leverage all of these benefits to make the most of the Tokyo Olympics. 1xBit has specially prepared to give you the most for the tournament. So get started with a couple of clicks and follow all social media pages for more updates:


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