The American Dream: Nascar Driver to Receive a Crypto Salary

NASCAR driver Landon Cassill has signed a deal which will see his salary paid in bitcoin and litecoin.

Professional race car drives have gotten caught up in the cryptocurrency mania, accepting Bitcoin as a preferred payment method. Landon Cassil, a professional NASCAR driver for JD (NASDAQ:JD) Motorsports’ No. 4 Chevrolet, will be ditching FIAT in favor of bitcoin and litecoin payments.

Voyager Digital LTD, the crypto investment firm, will facilitate the payment as Landon is reportedly friends with Voyager’s CEO, Steve Ehrlich, with the driver admitting to checking his account “probably 100 times a day,” as per the NASCAR announcement. The Voyager paint scheme will additionally be featured on the No.4 car.


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  1. Why wouldn’t anyone want to be paid in money that appreciates in time versus fiat that depreciates in time if they had a choice. In time more and more people will understand this and want to be paid in bitcoin… we are already seeing it with professional athletes etc.

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