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During these times of maximum pessimism, Scott Melker drops extremely precious advice about crypto on his social media account.

Check out what he posted on Twitter below.


At the moment of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading in the red and the king coin is priced at $29,538.66.

Someone said: ‘We haven’t reached max pessimism until you are a true bear.’

Another follower dropped this very true message in the comments section: ‘And yet absolute top and bottom are still just as difficult for most people to spot as maximum pessimism and optimism.’

People agreed but most followers said that it’s extremely hard to spot these points, both the high and the low ones.

Buy the Bitcoin dip

Bitcoin has been seeing some pretty volatile times and it seems that the $30k resistance did not hold anymore.

Crypto Twitter reactions are varying from panic to being eager to buy this dip as well.

Check out what Scott Melker posted on his Twitter account.

A follower said: “Put 15% of our net worth in over the last three to four weeks. Sure, this drop stings, but I don’t make plays like this on fundamentals I don’t believe in long term. People have no idea what’s around the corner, it’s going to be big and beautiful.”

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