The best explanation of blockchain i’ve ever seen

The best explanation of blockchain i’ve ever seen

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  1. Agreed – Anders Brownworth has done a wonderful service in his two website demos/videos, one on blockchain and the other on keys/signing. The next one was supposed to illustrate smart contracts … I would love to see what he can do with that. I believe he works for the Federal Reserve in Boston now.

  2. Blockchain and crypto is great. The only major issue is the wild fluctuations. It would be foolish for buyers or sellers to use it as a currency when in a week your purchasing power or money you accepted for a product can go down or up 50%. You start taking crypto as a payment and it dips 40-50%, your out of business. That’s your profit margins and bills have to be paid for a company to stay afloat. Stabilization is needed for mass adoption.

  3. So instead of a coinbase transaction one could replace with a trezor transaction (for eg.)? Is that correct? In other words my funds of BTC can be traced back through transactions to where they ‘started’ from my trezor in order to verify that I had the funds to transact with. I don’t mean it would be known that its a trezor but a starting point of when I first spent the BTC. ??



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