The Bitcoin Boomer Gary Leland, giving a quick advice to TikTokers

The Bitcoin Boomer Gary Leland, giving a quick advice to TikTokers

The Bitcoin Boomer Gary Leland, giving a quick advice to TikTokers from Bitcoin

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  1. Accumulation is important and having a long term horizon helps.

    Shifting your mindset from impatient quick gains to slower but more consistent wealth growth is key.

    Some people understand this, some do not.

  2. Anyone else irked by his claim that nominal weekly DCA will make you a millionaire in 10 years…?

    I mean even at 100 bucks a week (which frankly most are not going to be able to spare) you would need a 10-year BTC price target of around 5.5M USD to break into millionaire status. Possible? Absolutely. Likely? Eh. Even with broad adoption that’s a really aggressive valuation….

    I hate how I always find myself pulling the reigns on hopium, but sometimes I feel like this community doesn’t always bind itself in reality…

  3. He has a point on buying small amounts and holding. $1 / week is $52 / year. Bitcoin grew about 350% over the past year. Which means in 1 year that $52 is $234. If that 350% stays consistent then in 2 years that $52 is $1,053. In 3 years it is $4,738.5. In 4 years $21,323.25. In 5 years $95,954.6. In 6 years $431,796. In 7 years $1,943,082.

    That is if the 350% year-over-year growth remains stable. Bitcoin can grow slower or faster than this. Between January of 2019 and October of 2021 (2 years, 10 months) Bitcoin’s value to USD grew 1,834%. If we assume that growth rate is more stable then we see an average of 54% per month or 647% yearly.

  4. BTC is absolutely amazing as it’s far more than just currency or store of value. Thinking about all the bad habits people have given up to invest is also powerful for society. Cigarettes, alcohol, gambling (ok bad example), brand name goods, etc. all given up to maximize investment.

  5. I like his premise and want to believe, but i think that saying you will be a millionaire in 10 years regardless of whether you invest $1 or $100 per week doesn’t seem realistic.

    I believe in bitcoin and am investing $100 per week, but it’s gotta be a sliding scale right?

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