The countries with the lowest electricity cost of Bitcoin mining

The countries with the lowest electricity cost of Bitcoin mining

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  1. Although tiny, Hawaii looks Red ($30,000+). I heard they are closing down a coal burning plant because politics and going to green sources, but they don’t exactly have a solution to their energy problems.

    So energy prices will skyrocket down there.

  2. I can tell you now electricity in New Zealand is far more expensive than Australia.

    Have you noticed most countries with expensive electricity are solar, wind and hydro.

    This should pay itself off in 10 years, until then coal and gas is cheap.

  3. Find it hard to believe it costs the same regardless of where you are in China. America alone has three different colors, but in China it costs the same regardless of location?

  4. My friend from Iran says it’s very cheap there because he bribes the meter reader for a couple bucks and gets basically free electricity.

    Doesn’t work so well in Canada.

  5. Interesting that they used industrial costs for Canada and USA. I can tell you for a fact that at the consumer level electricity is cheaper in Alberta than in British Columbia

  6. Illinois green, but Missouri yellow? Da fuck? We supply the electricity for both states and, last time I checked, our Missouri rates are substantially lower. I wonder how they fucked that up?

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