The decentralized financial future is here!

The decentralized financial future is here!

The decentralized financial future is here! from Bitcoin

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  1. I listened to Jack saying pretty much the same a month or so ago on the What Bitcoin Did podcast. That’s when I realized he uses Bitcoin as a protocol to stream money like an email, a tweet or whatever. Went home immediately, sold all my stocks in the energy sector and bought more bitcoin.

  2. “You look like you’re in an empty warehouse. Where the hell are you, man?”

    “Everybody knows modern day innovation is built out of a giant, empty lady’s closet.”

    Fucking lol 😆

  3. Interesting interview.

    I remember when Emin Gün Sirer said “[ChangeTip must die](,” and I disagreed. I always felt there was an important mechanism for micro-donations to occur meaningfully. Here we are again with a tipping (a.k.a. micro-donation) mechanism. Let us see where this goes. It may lead to significant further and similar applications.

    Of course, there was the interesting remark from Emin, from that article on ChangeTip, which is still relevant to today: *”Bitcoin is anonymous but traceable, and it would be invaluable to annotate different wallet addresses with twitter/reddit/facebook/google account names. Well, with your tipping help, they can. And that’s worth something. Before you claim that you’ll create new addresses and tumble your coins or whatever, we all know how lazy people are from the way they install flappy bird apps on their phone with enough privileges to launch nukes. Real people will be readily identifiable.”*

    That was written in late 2014, and it’s still almost as true today as it was then (today we have taproot, and lightning is now implemented here, though it’s not clear to me yet how these system options [as recently announced]( will interact to provide privacy for tippers on Twitter).

    Still: Exciting to see these sort of applications take flight.

  4. Exactly the most important thing in crypto. The availability to transfer at the same rate across borders and currency. This also brings to light why there is so much backlash against crypto. Banks make trillions on transfer rates. This interview is amazing.

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