The energy FUD fallacy: Energy -> Security reverse causation fallacy

Bitcoin wastes too much energy, it’s bad”

Energy fudder have easy time to say this, most Bitcoiners wrongly answer “yes but worth it” and try their best to show that it is not wasting anyway ([this one]( for example, very good article with state of the art references but it is so TLDR)

But here is the simple thing: even **saying “Bitcoin consumes energy” is bullshit**, as bullshit as saying:

* The faster that windmills are observed to rotate, the more wind is observed. Therefore, wind is caused by the rotation of windmills.
* Children that watch a lot of TV are the most violent. Clearly, TV makes children more violent.
* People that have cancer often smoke. So cancer makes you smoking
* The price is higher when hashrate is higher so hashrate explains the price of Bitcoin

This is [reverse causality fallacy]( You observe that two things are correlated, but have no idea how it works and you infere a causation but in the wrong direction while the correlation observed was totally explained by the causation in the good direction.

Applied to energy FUD: *The higher the security of Bitcoin, the more energy Bitcoin consumes, therefore Bitcoin consumes energy to be secured* <- THIS IS A FALLACY, STOP SAYING THAT

It is not Bitcoin which consumes energy, it is energy which must be consumed through Bitcoin (like [Bitcoin mining with flared gas]( to reduce emissions). I think we need to go back to a more fundamental level on how the Bitcoin protocol works and recall this simple fact: if X% of the power consumed in Bitcoin is used for something else or unavailable, mining difficulty will be adjusted so that mining a block need X% less energy. **Bitcoin security** doesn’t come from the amount of energy invested in Bitcoin mining but from the fact that **it is almost always less profitable to use this energy to fork the blockchain than to follow the main one.** Bitcoin needs a block reward currently, and will need transaction fees for that (and I am not worried at all about this), nothing more. Miners are just like any users of Bitcoin protocol.

TLDR: Bitcoin needs zero energy (in fact just the one to run the full nodes which is nothing), but energy needs Bitcoin. **Bitcoin is a measure of wasted energy** because it sets a minimum price for it, energy fudder want to shoot the messenger pretending they care about energy sobriety, ironic.

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