The Fed Halving!

**Meme Prediction:**

|This is the Fed halving calculator. It predicts (green) how many days will it take for the Fed to print the next 1 trillion dollars. When the Fed protocol started in 1960 (starts at 0.3 trillion $), it took 18 years for the fed to inject the first trillion dollars in the M3 money supply. Currently, we’re at 20th trillion $ and the last trillion took just 121 days (unhighlighted data (1-19 trillion) from source: []( This is a meme post, please don’t take it seriously! (statistics can be used to twist anything). Do not use this post to make financial decisions. Mods, we need WSB like tags here!|


Model 2: (Power Function)



This is a meme post. There is no relationship between past events and future predictions.

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  1. But every 4years, bitcoin halves the fed and all governments making them all more irrelevant with time. Soon (decade), ANY action by fed, central banks whether it’s printing or contracting liquidity, will be ignored or looked as nothing more than cute, old traditional token-royalty of a country that have no real power.

  2. That’s intriguing and funny, suggests we reach a financial … tipping point … ? … around October.

    Then we would start printing a trillion a day for a while, then multiple trillions a day, then sometime next year print print print ….

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