The Fight to Control the $2 Trillion Crypto Market Is Heating Up

The Fight to Control the $2 Trillion Crypto Market Is Heating Up

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  1. ““Now of course there is a line of thought that people should be able to do whatever they want — after all, it’s their money,” Christin said. “But the question is whether a lot of retail-level folks engaging in these markets are actually equipped to judge the risks rationally, as opposed to engaging in gambling-like behavior.””

    Right of course, only banks can act irresponsibly, with other peoples money, sending the entire country in a downward spiral of economic calamity with zero repercussions. Because they’re so smart right. Fuck off you parasites.

  2. >Investors are being rattled by volatility as the two biggest economies — the U.S. and China — seek to tighten their grip on Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

    The article assumes that the U.S. and China have a hold on Bitcoin to begin with.

    This is not not a *tightening of grip* – It’s an attempt to *claw back* the wealth leaving their jurisdiction, in desperation.

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