The first Bitcoin reference in television history aired on The Good Wife in 2012. Its incredible how real this brief dialogue is today.

This is pretty amazing from an obscure tv show 9 years ago. Congrats CBS on being way ahead of so many in this space.

[Reals gonna change](


Dylan Stack: Here’s your cashier’s check. It only took 20 minutes standing in line in the bank to change dollar bills to another piece of paper.
Alicia Florrick: Thank you. I went online and I bought 1 Bitcoin last night.
Dylan Stack: Really? It’s the future.
Alicia Florrick: I don’t know. It didn’t feel real.
Dylan Stack: Real’s gonna change. Just watch!

This is the episode, imaginatively called ‘bitcoin for dummies’ [](

3 things that grabbed me from this.

1. Banks are still so fucking shit
2. The guys name is Stack(fuck me you can’t make this shit up stack those sats)
3. **Reals gonna change. Just watch.** How fucking true has that become!

And of course ya’ll can see Alicia is a mega chad(chadinna?) she bought 1 bitcoin. A WHOLE bitcoin. How much did she pay?

Reveal this and just daydream a little. >!THREE FUCKING DOLLARS!<

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  1. Reals is gonna change.

    Just my two Satoshi’s

    Looks like we’ve got new phrases for a generation.

    I’m in such a tizzy. Many people don’t give a hoot yet. I’ll be darned. Bitcoin, your a peach…

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