The “Fuck Elon Musk” post on the front page is now being sold as NFT

The “Fuck Elon Musk” post on the front page is now being sold as NFT

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  1. Guys i have a fresh offer for you and its right here :

    You know what this is ? Silence. Who doesnt want some silence ? You can insert it whenever and wherever you want. It works online and offline. You can transact it around the world in an instant!

    There a no fees .. its free of maintanance and after your initial purchase no hidden costs !

    Best about this deal ? You guys decide the price!

    Starting bid is 1 Dogecoin.

  2. Why do we really hate Elon though. He seems pretty down to earth for one of the richest people. If he backed the coin you are shilling would he be back in your good graces. I’m just not sure what the issue is but I think the toxic environment is caused by the hate towards someone with a bunch of money. Just my opinion of course. No hate either way.

    Edit: I misunderstood the whole post but don’t worries I will get over it.



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