The Future of Bitcoin / Your thoughts?

I have been accumulating BTC over some time now. As you can imagine, I am the first person friends and family come to for advice. Since mainstream media has picked up the pace (like CNBC, Bloomberg etc.) the question of buying BTC is getting more and more. I am very bullish for the future of BTC. But still it is difficult to advice people to buy at these levels. Even Bloomberg and other media think the price will go higher. What are your two Satoshis? Are you confortable advicing to buy? And what price targets and time horizons do you have in mind? [](

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  1. When asked I try my best to inform what BTC is, and how it is used by people as store of value / hedge against fiat devaluation.

    I don’t address questions related to seeing BTC as a speculative asset like “how much higher can the price go?”, “is now a good time / too late to buy?”, etc. no different to I do not offer advice on speculative investment decisions (e.g. stocks) to F&F.

  2. I don’t tell people they should buy or they shouldn’t and I certainly wouldn’t ever tell someone they should buy bitcoin so they can “cash out” for fiat money later on down the road.

    If they value the ability to store their money in an asset that is uncensorable and ultimately portable, fixed in supply and affords them the ability to become more self sovereign than they were….then by all means consider picking up some bitcoin.

    Edit: and BTW, that green logo is for an imposter shitcoin.

  3. I can’t predict the future so I don’t. I’m glad to help friends/family on technical questions, but I don’t guess at future prices, that’s on them.



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