The guy in the famous ‘Bad Luck Brian’ meme sold it as crypto-art for $36,000

The guy in the famous ‘Bad Luck Brian’ meme sold it as crypto-art for $36,000

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  1. It blows me away that digital artworks are selling for thousands of dollars… Not to say any of these items aren’t worth it, quite the opposite – I’m just trying to figure out how to become the next digital Picasso and clean up!

  2. Copyright lawyer here. People need to understand that they aren’t actually buying the rights to the image. They aren’t buying the copyright. The original bad luck brian doesn’t even own the copyright, the photographer does.

    All they are doing is buying a digital recreation of the image created in 2021 that happens to have an NFT token. Basically, they are buying a digital copy of the meme “signed” by the person photographed in the meme. I would be shocked if the owner is ever able to resell this for more than $36,000 after the NFT hype dies down. Art is Art… but this kind of digital art is free online. As an investment… yikes.

  3. Hi. I’m old. Can someone explain this to me based on my limited experience of technology? Did this guy sell a picture of himself for $36,000 or the rights to use his photo? I don’t understand how he can “sell” something. I’ve read all this news about kids selling art for NFTs, but I’m unsure how it’s done. Can I take a painting that I’ve completed and sell it for NFTs? Or do I take a picture of it and sell it to someone that way and am not allowed to sell anymore?

  4. He will always be my favourite meme, it’s unmatchable awkwardness. I spent hours laughing my ass off in hundreds of galeries. The combi with “Good Guy Greg” and “Scumbag Steve” almost killed me at a too influenced occasion. Seeing that someone is willing to pay 20 ETH for it gives you the good feeling that you’re not alone and others are still serious.

    Made a “Bad Luck Doge” meme at my first day on reddit and tried to post it here, being not aware of the account age and karma limits. But seeing that the meme is literally dead now, I didn’t repost it at the cc-meme sub. I wish he gets a revival, but well, that would be luck…

  5. tldr; The creator of the ‘Bad Luck Brian’ meme has sold the original photo as a piece of crypto-art for $36,000. The auction took place on Foundation, an online marketplace for non-fungible tokens. The winner of the auction, identified as @a on the Foundation platform, will have a digital signature inscribed on the blockchain.

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  6. **Can someone explain some NFT details that I’m almost too afraid to ask?…**

    Like, if I find a video no one claimed as NFT, can I tie it to the blockchain and sell it?

    If I make a bunch of pixel art, like… 100 of them, and then tie them to NFTs (somehow?) for sale… does it appear as a group of 100 individual items (like a catalogue) on some exchange somewhere?

    Do I have to do it through a website, or is there a way to do it on my own?

    Do I need to own actual ETH in my wallet to link code to it? Is there a fee?

    How are NFTs tied to the blockchain? Like, if it’s not tied 1 to 1 with ETH, (say it’s worth 0.1 ETH), how is it stored? How do you sell ownership of 0.1 ETH vs 1.0 ETH?

    I have so many questions, and the internet/Google does not help, and I work 10hrs/day and take care of twins for 5 hours/night and go to sleep… day after day… with time to browse Reddit, but no time to actually *research* something.

    I would so appreciate someone helping me learn NFTs because I REALLY want to tie my own artwork to it! I also have a digital artist friend who wants to get in on it, but I just dont’ know where to go from here.

  7. NFTs boggle my mind. Like- I don’t wanna sound like a boomer/institutionalist/pro establishment but like- I can’t fathom how NFTs are valuable and how you’d look for valuable NFTs.

    It just seems like rn the only good NFTs are the popular expensive ones.

  8. For me, crypto has always been about solving real world problems… with NFTs, it seems like its trying to solve a problem that never existed. Maybe I’m wrong about this a decade later but all the money going into NFTs now seem like speculation rather than application.

  9. We’re at that point in the cycle where people are throwing money at anything. It’s likely that a lot of these auctions are being juiced internally to create hype around NFTs… same shit happened in 2017 with ICOs.



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