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Memes have been an extremely popular trend for years now, bringing fun and playful atmosphere to internet users all around the globe. Some memes like the “Success Kid” and “Disaster Girl” have gone mainstream and completely taken over the internet, demonstrating how powerful they’ve become.

More importantly, they bring a smile to everyone’s face and invoke a strong sense of community and relatability amongst individuals.

These days, the development of memes has drastically ramped up in the crypto space as well. Of course, you’re most likely familiar with Dogecoin, the very first crypto dog meme coin that was released in late 2013. But memes are starting to make their way onto the blockchain and grow tremendously in popularity, sparking a mass revival.

One project is taking an interesting spin on memes and how they’re used digitally – and there’s no better time to do it than now!

Introducing, an online market where users can discover the very best memes and latest trends! This project is looking to capitalize on the meme revolution in a big way.




What is is a brand new marketplace where online explorers can meet and share their meme creations/discoveries with one other. It notes itself as being the “baby of Wikipedia and Dogecoin” – essentially a market filled with fun and creative memes with its own meme wiki!

The marketplace consists of meme enthusiasts and trend experts, so meme lovers will feel like they’re in the right place. 

$Memecoin is its governance token, which holders can use to vote, earn rewards, and make payments with. mTokens represent ownership on the platform and are correlated with the underlying value of assets on the platform.

Users are encouraged to find relevant memes or generate buzz with their content – the content can then be posted on the meme wiki to be shared with the masses. Accolades, such as Society Title and Card Rarity, have been introduced to encourage increased engagement. Users can move up the ranks by proving ownership of their URLS on meme wiki. 

As users continue to participate and play, they can achieve new titles that give them special access to other rewards and societies. There’s also a debate room where users can earn $Memecoin by voting for the best explorations and content. is a funhouse of relevant memes and artwork, taken to the next level! 

The Need for

So why is necessary? What value does it bring to the market and its users?

One of its most critical use cases is that it introduces the monetization of memes and digital artwork, incentivizing more users to participate and grow the ecosystem. Users can pay in $Memecoin to receive a percentage of a certain expedition, and the best expeditions provide either sponsor or treasure rewards to the owners.

Users become eligible for sponsor rewards by staking mTokens, where an initial fee goes to the expedition fund and users receive rewards in $Memecoin. Treasures are representations of art – expedition owners vote on which treasure they’d like to package into NFTs, and creators are rewarded.

Aside from earning rewards, has put everything in place to create a fun community vibe that brings people together over the love for memes. There are so many different avenues to choose from, and users can interact with the community in a variety of ways that drive further engagement and contribution.

It’s a truly clever and unique idea that has the potential to expand the meme and NFT marketplace in a revolutionary way. There’s no question that has found its niche and will make a big splash!

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