THE HUSL to Integrate Chainlink VRF

One of the foremost NFT-based platforms of the music industry, THE HUSL, finally announced that it was entering into an integration with Chainlink VRF ( Verifiable Random Function) on the blockchain network of Ethereum. Through the integration, the ecosystem of THE HUSL will gain access to the provably fair RNG (Random Number Generator). The RNG will help THE HUSL with the fair distribution of NFTs, random distribution of rewards, hosting of fair and secure competitions and giveaways, and more. The decentralized Oracle network of Chainlink executes complex computation off-chain for providing THE HUSL with auditable and tamper-proof off-chain randomness for verifiable and fair selection of event winners. 

The platform of THE HUSL drives Experiential Rewards-based NFT-oriented competitions. Every NFT collection of the platform provides owners with innovative opportunities to compete against one another for prizes. The NFT-based prizes generally include real-world products and experiences like autographs of eminent personalities, memorabilia, invitations to premier events, in-person rendezvous with musicians, and so on. Through the integration with Chainlink VRF, THE HUSL will be able to augment the authenticity of the reward distribution mechanism of the platform by generating random numbers through verifiable and secure off-chain computation. The RNG of Chainlink VRF is more advanced than traditional RNG. The former works by combining block data with the predetermined private keys of the Oracle node for generating random numbers and their cryptographic proofs. 

THE HUSL occupies a top-tier position in the industries of music and Blockchain technology. The collaboration with Chainlink VRF will allow the users of THE HUSL to stake THE HUSL tokens, cast votes on platform proposals, offer tips to creators, grab discounts on collectibles, farm rarely minted NFTs, engage in exclusive NFT sales and auctions, gain access to music streams, and more. 

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