The Italian Cripto Summit, education and charity

The Italian Cripto Summit, education and charity

On 3 and 4 July the virtual event The Italian Cripto Summit will be held, 25 hours of online training, free of charge, but whose proceeds from the sale of the recordings will go entirely to charity. 

The idea came from Dario Bonanno, one of Italy’s most successful private consultants, who brought together 20 of Italy’s top cryptocurrency experts for the occasion. 

Although the event is free of charge, the videos of the speeches will be sold: the proceeds will go entirely to AIRC, an Italian association committed to the fight against cancer, in particular for children fighting lymphomas and leukaemia. 

Last year’s event already raised over 5,000 euros, which were donated to charity. The organiser, Dario Bonanno, explains:

“The aim is to provide the right tools to operate in this volatile world free of charge and at the same time help less fortunate people through something I strongly believe in: charity”.

The Italian Cripto Summit, the speakers

Speakers at the event will include, among others: 

  • Eugenio Benetazzo (Youchain S.p.a), 
  • Deborah Martino (NFT Ambassador at The Nemesis), 
  • Federico Pecoraro (CEO of Chainblock), 
  • Ewald Serafini (Defi Chain), 
  • Augusto Cerisoli (Bit2Me), 
  • Marcello Mari (SingularityDAO), 
  • Marco Cavicchioli (crypto popularizer and contributor to Cryptonomist), 

A total of 25 hours of lectures are planned, which will allow approaching the world of cryptocurrencies from zero. The talks will address the nature of Bitcoin, its evolution, its future, and much more. 

Dario Bonanno adds: 

“In the weekend of the event, we will start from the basics and then also address more technical topics, for example exchanges, decentralized finance and NFTs. Organising this free event, where registrants can buy registrations to contribute to fundraising, seems to us to be a nice signal to help people get closer to cryptocurrencies while doing some good”.

The aim is also to address a serious gap highlighted by the Bank of Italy: only 30% of citizens have an adequate level of financial literacy, a percentage lower than the average of 36 OECD countries where this figure is 62%.

Bonanno concludes: 

“There are too many people who enter the world of cryptocurrencies driven by easy and illusory cravings for quick profits, while the reality is very different: without the right knowledge and targeted preparation, in fact, the most concrete possibility is to lose money and burn capital.”

To register and access the weekend-long free training course, visit the official website.


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