The latest news on NFTs

The latest news on NFTs

News about the NFT world are coming at lightning speed, so here is a selection of the latest news about the sector.

Rare whisky as NFT collectibles

The Dalmore Highland Single Malt has partnered with NFT spirits marketplace to sell non-fungible tokens from The Dalmore Decades No.4 set.

These NFTs will be sold starting 7 December using Ethereum (ETH) or credit cards for $137,700 USD. 

Not everyone will be able to purchase the set of whiskies. Only one lucky person who has previously signed up on the platform and shown interest in purchasing will be selected.


Dalmore Highland Single Malt launches into NFTs

Film producer Niels Juul embraces NFTs

Niels Juul, famous for producing Martin Scorsese’s films, is launching an entirely NFT-funded film.

The film is called “A Wing and a Prayer” and is the story of Brian Milton, the first man to fly around the world in 1998 in an ultralight, following the adventures of Phileas Fogg.

The project was made by NFT Investments PLC, an incubator specializing in non-fungible tokens, which managed to raise $1 million to finance the film.

Latest news on Mintable: the incubator for investing in NFT projects

The NFT marketplace has launched Mintable Go! to help fund nascent crypto art and non-fungible token projects.

These projects can be either decentralized or not, based on layer 1 or layer 2 and also marketplaces.

So far, investments have been made in the game Dark Frontiers; the mobile game Forest Knight; the metaverse Gamerich; Fantasy War; a VR platform based on Solana and an online auction interface called Burnt Finance.

Zach Burks, CEO and Founder of Mintable, explained the project:

 “The NFT space is continuously evolving and the staggering growth we’ve seen in the past year is simply reflective of this fact, pointing to the ability of this new asset class to radically transform our social, financial, and cultural frameworks for the foreseeable future. With Mintable Go!, we hope that we can give back to the industry in a meaningful way, nurturing a new generation of NFT projects that can go on to impact the lives of millions.”


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