The less you know about Crypto the more money you will probably make!

I know this sounds stupid but hear me out. You need to become [Raven](, the most succesful chimpanzee in the stock market.
Now that doesn’t mean you should ape into projects because of shilling and hyping. What I want to say is that often projects perform way better than we can fathom because the markets are rational.
Among most of my friends that have invested. Very often it’s the friends that have no clue about the markets. They just keep on buying on dips, they are not fuelled by greed, and they keep on outperforming those of us that keep up-to-date on crypto. I’m very happy with my own gains, however, it shows as long as you keep dollar cost averaging over a longer period of time into various projects, without listening to the bias of other people, your portfolio will probably see crazy gains.

I’m wondering if i should do an experiment where i select 10 coins at random from the top 500 coins, and see if those 10 coins perform better than my own portfolio.

#edit: The monkey will probably be less likely to fall for crypto scams.

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  1. Everyone is a genius in a bull market, just like the previous cycle there were a lot of projects that did random x100s (remember Bounty, Dentacoin etc.).

    The projects that are solely based on hype will not come back from the inevitable bear market and thus you’re better of investing in actual projects for the long run.

  2. OP has a point. Let’s compare 3 people who spent $100 on crypto [exactly 6 years ago](

    1. Bought Bitcoin because it’s literally the only coin they’ve heard of. Bitcoin has gone from $223.83 then to $60,490.02 as I write this. 26,925% gain, **$100 6 years ago turned into $27,025 today**.

    2. Bought Dogecoin because dog on coin is cute, much wow. Dogecoin has gone from $0.0001051 then to $0.2738 as I write this. 260,414% gain, **$100 6 years ago turned into $260,513 today**.

    3. Bought into a portfolio of crypto assets favored by this sub as being underpriced with great use cases, blah blah blah. Well just click on the “6 years ago” link I presented earlier and you’ll see that almost all of the coins listed have disappeared without a trace.

  3. You have learned the wrong lesson from Raven. The monkey was given a list of tech stocks to pick from at the height of the dotcom bubble. Of course she did well that year. If they had continued the experiment another year with the same stocks to pick from, she would have been near the bottom because tech stocks tanked and many Internet companies went out of business.

    It’s false to say the knowledge hampers your investment returns. It is true to say that in a rapidly rising bull market many unworthy coins will make crazy gains because of FOMO. BUT when the next bear market arrives, which it will someday, those foolish projects will plummet more than the broader crypto market. That’s when your superior knowledge will pay off. You’ll be in coins that will get beat up, but survive.

  4. I like that philosophy and your right that’s exactly what I did when I first started trading 12/30/20 I only have a GED I’m a long term investor mind set hold for ten years mind set heads up to you for that wisdom buy band network awesome like chainlink I only have a GED

  5. I was able to turn 9k of savings into 20k this run, which really puts me at a better spot since I’m graduating college in 2 months. I think it’s time to sell half of my diversity, taking 10k profit to the bank, and re-buying when we almost hit 60k



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