The Midas Touch of Mayhem: Gary Goldsmith’s CBB Gamble

The waters of British tabloid royalty have been churned once again, this time by the controversial figure of Gary Goldsmith, uncle to the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. His latest headline-grabbing stunt? Signing on to the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother, promising a tell-all about the Sussexes. But with Kate hospitalized and her sister Carole embroiled in a financial scandal, is Gary’s Big Brother gambit a desperate cash grab or a genuine attempt to shed light on the royal family?

Gary Goldsmith, uncle to the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton

Dodgy Uncle and Royal Agitator:

Goldsmith, a businessman known for his outspoken and often inflammatory opinions, has built a career on exploiting his royal connection. He’s penned vitriolic articles against Harry and Meghan, fueled tabloid rumors, and publicly criticized their choices. While some see him as a harmless eccentric, others view him as a royal embarrassment, a loose cannon with the potential to detonate the carefully constructed image of the monarchy.

Risking Royal Wrath and Public Disdain:

Goldsmith’s CBB appearance has raised eyebrows across the royal spectrum. Royal experts, like Angela Levin, call it “cringe-making” and “dangerous,” fearing it could further strain the already fragile relationship between the Sussexes and the rest of the family, particularly during Kate’s hospitalization. Others, like Richard Fitzwilliams, believe it’s a desperate move for relevance, predicting he’ll be a “big yawn” for viewers uninterested in his personal vendettas.

The Monetization of Monarchy:

But is it all just about public image and royal squabbles? Some speculate that Goldsmith’s financial situation might be playing a role. Despite his past wealth, his recent ventures haven’t been as lucrative, and his repeated attempts at reality TV appearances hint at a need for cash. Could CBB be his payday, a chance to capitalize on his royal connection for a hefty fee, regardless of the potential damage?

Beyond the Headlines: A Deeper Look:

The Gary Goldsmith saga delves deeper than mere tabloid fodder. It raises questions about the monetization of the monarchy, the ethics of profiting off of family ties, and the impact of media scrutiny on individuals thrust into the public eye. It’s a story about the fine line between freedom of speech and exploiting personal connections, and the consequences of prioritizing sensational headlines over family unity.


Gary Goldsmith’s CBB stint promises to be a spectacle, but it’s important to look beyond the manufactured drama and sensationalized headlines. His actions offer a glimpse into the complexities of the royal family, the challenges of navigating public scrutiny, and the ethical quandaries surrounding profiting off of one’s lineage. Whether he’s a harmless eccentric or a calculated opportunist, one thing is certain: Gary Goldsmith’s Big Brother gamble will keep the royal rumor mill churning, leaving us to ponder the true cost of his thirst for the limelight.


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