The most bullish chart I’ve seen this cycle

The most bullish chart I’ve seen this cycle

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  1. It’s funny to see the pattern here, but it’s just a representation of the past, nobody knows about the future. Please don’t count on BTC reaching 400k, it’s still speculation.

  2. I totally believe that patterns will always repeat, borrowed a lot of money to buy BTC and put a sell order in at 420696,9. What could possibly go wrong?


    Jokes aside, I DO think we will see another juicy raise this year and maybe a proper race next year.

  3. Why most people do not realizes that the rate by which the value increases is dropping with each psychological barrier is beyond me.

    You can’t go exponential forever.

    It’s an S curve that looked exponential at the very early stages, and is now headed towards the linear portion, and will regress towards an asymptomatic top

    At the macro level, this pattern absolutely certainly cannot be held forever…. and probably won’t hold this time around

    I’m a bull but lower your expectations. If you don’t already have 100K worth of BTC you probably won’t be a millionaire within the next 10 years



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