The NFT Magazine: today the drop with Coldie


The NFT Magazine will launch its public sale for the second issue of the magazine today on OpenSea.

NFT Magazine, Coldie on the cover

The artist who has the design for the cover this time is Coldie, who was voted onto the Readers Club by the readers of The NFT Magazine. In fact, NFT Magazine holders have access to a special section where they can vote and decide the future of the project.

During the public sale that will take place at 6 pm CET on OpenSea, each copy will be sold for 0.05 ETH. 

In the past few days, The NFT Magazine organized a private sale for the Readers Club members and for its social media community which sold out with about 250 copies, so now about 450 copies are left for the public sale.

The NFT Magazine first issue with Hackatao

The first issue of The NFT Magazine was sold on November 2nd in less than 24 hours, selling 500 copies.

The first issue had Hackatao cover with a pre-sale of 0.03 ETH and a public sale at 0.05 ETH. The price on the secondary market is growing fast and it is now at 0.138 ETH, with a spike that arrived at 0.149 ETH.

Cryppo airdrop for magazine holders

Those who have bought the first two issues of The NFT Magazine will then have the benefit of having a free mint of the NFT of Cryppo, which is a series of collectibles that depicts the mascot of The Cryptonomist in 7777 pieces and over 90 different traits.

The team explained in the roadmap that a DAO will arrive in the next future, with a governance token to be released for votes.

NFT Magazine details

A few days ago, the contents that readers will find inside the magazine were also revealed: not only the cover and an exclusive interview with Coldie, but also an analysis of trends in collectibles; a top 25 of the best projects, a top 10 of the best collectors and their interviews and much more.

While the first drop of the magazine had a limited edition of only 500 copies, this second edition will be in 700 copies. Unsold copies will be burned to ensure the rarity of the NFTs.

How to buy The NFT Magazine

As is common with the NFT world, The NFT Magazine (but also Cryppo) will be on sale on Opensea. To buy these non fungible tokens, you will need to have Metamask or another wallet compatible with Wallet connect (e.g. Eidoo) and some Ethereum to spend. Please consider that The NFT Magazine price is 0.05 ETH but you will also need to pay for gas fees.

Moreover, both NFT Magazine and Cryppo will be sold for a fixed price (no auction).

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