The one thing consistently missing from your strategy is dominance.

Honestly, I see it absent in every post. The exclusive focus on market cap assumes that no new money is coming in to crypto. This is a terrible assumption. There is new money coming in to crypto all of the time. The total cap of crypto is growing. It will likely be 5 – 10X in 5 years. This makes an absolute world of difference when picking your coins.

BTC is a perfect example. So many geniuses are proclaming the BTC will hit $1M. Oh, really? Take a look at its dominance. It going DOWN. BTC is losing market ground to alt coins and has been for a long time. So when you try and predict the price, assume the dominance is down in the future and the total crypto cap is up. What’s the price of BTC now? $200k-ish depending on your guess. Yeah, not quite the 20X the headlines talk about, huh.

Now do it with ADA or ETH. Is their dominance going up or down? Now predict the dominance under your guess at total crypto cap. Is it better than BTC? Yeah, probably is. Probably much better than BTC.

We keep talking about BTC like it will always be the number 1 market cap with ‘digital gold’ talk but it won’t guys. It is losing ground RAPIDLY as altcoins with clear understandable use cases eat up its dominance.

My point is that market cap is not a good metric. Use dominance and total crypto cap. Your whole strategy will change away from 2-5X coins and toward 20-100X coins.

E: Guys the ‘cycle theory’ is nonsense. There is no such thing as ‘alt coin season‘. When alt coins really started to explode on to the scene in 2018 the market went crazy for them. Then the market corrected itself over a couple years as people got impatient waiting for the promised use cases of alts to develop. It happened once guys. Once. This is not a cycle. This is not seasonal. And frankly the data clearly shows this when you zoom out. Fluctuations are not cycles. Cycles occur with set amplitudes and frequency. There is no such phenomena in the long term BTC dominance chart. BTC dominance will decrease with time as I said.

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  1. Dominance can only tell us how our asset (let’s say BTC) is doing against the average of all coins. So if the dominance is going up, we choose better than average coin for that period etc.

  2. Dominance is a thing until it isn’t.

    Your 20-100x coins have value because of Bitcoin, not despite it.

    If Bitcoin fell to $1,000 tomorrow, your 20-100x moonshots would be worth nothing.

    Bitcoin moves the market. Alt seasons happen, but Bitcoin forever remains the King.

  3. Bitcoin can still lose dominance and hit 1 million or whatever magical number we pick. I don’t see the correlation you are trying to make. Also worth noting is that its not losing dominance to one other coin, tons of coins are gaining at the expense of bitcoin. So bitcoin can still remain number one while losing dominance, as long as it’s not all going to eth or one specific coin.

  4. You’ve got to be new.. lol

    BTC historically has went down to the 30’s% a number of times as the coveted *Alt Season* ensues. Then reclaims dominance as it is the market mover. Bitcoin dominance falls during a an established bull market, feel as if though that should be common knowledge.

    BTC.D is at 57% right now… lmao. You’re acting like it’s at 5%. Bitcoin has a stronger hold on the market now than it did 3 years ago by your own *strategy*.

  5. For myself, BTC will be where I swap my more risky coins and DCA to during the bear market. As it might not be the biggest gaining currency anymore, it will be one that is still around next bull run quite likely where some alt coins might not survive.

    By that time I will likely swap BTC to other coins again that I feel will give more profit during that run.

  6. Regarding market cap dominance, more and more elephants in the room mean less space for the dinosaurs. And I diversify..although fixed amount I DCA into BTC, whatever new money I have is into altcoins and moonshots.

    It’s true that slowly BTC is losing dominance but I can’t as a single person go against the dinosaur and it’s anyways better than the stock market. So, BTC is my majority while I also explore alts

  7. If Bitcoin fails, all the coins will fail.
    Bitcoin is the most poblic known Cryptocurrency.

    If you read into it you will find ETH or ADA.

    But if you would do some research, you would also know that 5G or Vaccinations aren’t bad.

    People don’t care to do some research, so BTC it is.

  8. The amount of money moving between cryptos is pretty huge compared to the amount of new money coming in. Dominance can change in a heartbeat, and is more of a sign of where in this current bull run we are than which race horse to bet on today.

    Toward the end of the bull market, btc dominance falls, there’s a major alt surge (things like eth and larger alts), then a minor alt surge follows that. Then everything crashes for 3 years.

  9. I dont really see how it’s all related. The dominance percentages seem more like an output based on market caps, not a driving factor for price.

    bitcoin reaching a certain price comes first. Dominance and total cap are resultants of that, not restrictions.

  10. I think the dominance will return eventually. Many people buying into alts for higher gains , and because “58,000 BTC” is too expensive. As of now BTC is still dictating the entire market but who knows what the future will offer.

  11. As soon as the masses find out about the environmental impact bitcoin has they will shred it apart and make room for more modern cryptos. By the time mass adoption happens, bitcoin will likely be ~20 years old. I don’t see the youth of today investing in such a thing.

  12. Be careful trying to bring reason and logic. This sub is riddled with folks who want none of either.

    They bought $50 of BTC and now believe it will forever be the one and only. Don’t lose your time with them. It’s not worth it.



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