The Petrodollar: How Your Money is Linked to Oil & War

The Petrodollar: How Your Money is Linked to Oil & War

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  1. It’s quite troubling to have this new association of “Freedom” in the conversation about BTC and crypto in general as an existential threat/hedge against dollar deflation.

    Also a super-recommendable primer on the history of the Dollar.

    makes me fear getting some good ol “U.S. of Acme Corp. Extra SuperFreedom” delivered to my door.

  2. A bit of context for MSM’s FUD campaign against El Sal’s adoption of the Bitcoin standard.

    If anyone thinks the various powers invested in propping up the US dollar are just going to roll over and accept a new reality where they occupy a diminished position, well, this video gives you an idea about how much blood they’ve spilled so far in their insane quest to dominate the world with their currency.

    On the other hand, as we’ve seen how ineffective and wasteful the US’s foreign adventuring has become, and how outrageously profligate their spending and money printing has become, it’s really hard to imagine how confidence in the USD remains high in the future.

  3. While each country is printing money and thus sucking value from its citizens… USA is printing money and sucking value from all countries that are forced to use the usd (by having to hold Petro dollar or by using usd as their official currency).

  4. Relevant [comment]( from another sub.

    >I understand the enticement of the petrodollar theory as a driver of US
    foreign policy. I used to believe it. It sounded very reasonable to me
    until I learned more about the complexity of macroeconomics and foreign
    policy, and realized that believing the petrodollar theory was a good
    example of my own Dunning-Krueger effect. It has also been [debunked]( many [times]( over, [across]( the [internet](

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