The Solana Ecosystem is Blooming, Will The Price Hit $180?

The Solana Ecosystem is Blooming, Will The Price Hit $180?

The Solana ecosystem had a fantastic week, with SOL Price surging dramatically. As stablecoins are integrated on more platforms, the Solana ecosystem continues to reach new heights. Solana has recently become one of the fastest-growing ecosystems, with the potential to increase in value. 

The Solana Foundation has announced the introduction of a new project called ‘Server Program,’ which will give people access to new servers.

It would help decentralize the Solana validator community, according to the Solana Foundation. As a result of the “server program,” Solana node operators will have access to high-quality bare metal servers.

Solana’s unique blockchain architecture will be integrated with Chainlink’s decentralized oracle infrastructure. Developers can use Chainlink and Solana to create more complex use cases. In Q4-2021, he said, Chainlink would integrate Solana.

Solana’s blockchain has also been busy on the NFT front, with the development of a new Soulless Solomon collection, which aspires to be the CryptoPunks’ counterpart for its network.

Solana Price Analysis:

The price of Solana is currently $158.20, down 2.4 percent in the previous 24 hours. On September 1, the token was trading at $107.07, one of its lowest moments in terms of value. The SOL token reached an all-time high of $213.47 on September 9. When compared to the value on October 18, the SOL token was $55.57 higher at its all-time high, representing a 35 percent increase.

Following a correction from resistance near $175 over the weekend, Solana now is just below $160. SOL sought support at $130 before rallying to this level, when it was in dire risk of falling to $115. A confirmed break above $160 will almost certainly give buyers more confidence in their ability to stay in the driver’s seat. The levels of support are $145 and $130.

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