The Sopranos’ Adriana Strikes Back! Drea de Matteo Shuts Down Son’s Diss of Her OnlyFans Account (in the Most Hilarious Way)

Remember Adriana from The Sopranos? Well, actress Drea de Matteo is proving she’s just as sassy in real life – especially when it comes to shutting down her 12-year-old son’s shade about her OnlyFans account!

Drea De Matteo
Drea De Matteo

From Hollywood to Hustling: Fans were surprised last year when de Matteo, who played Adriana La Cerva on the iconic HBO mob drama, joined the subscription platform. She claimed she was blacklisted in Hollywood for her political views and needed a new way to make ends meet.

A Mompreneur’s Gotta Do What a Mompreneur’s Gotta Do: On The Sage Steele Show podcast, de Matteo revealed her son Waylon (affectionately nicknamed “greedy little bastard”) wasn’t exactly a fan of her career move. But guess what? She has the perfect comeback!

Logic Bombs & Boobs: De Matteo playfully explained how she reminds Waylon of all the cool stuff his “Mommy’s hustle” provides – that new jacket, the top-of-the-line PC… basically, everything on his wishlist. “You wouldn’t have that stuff if Mommy didn’t show a little skin!” she laughs. Mic drop. Argument over.

OnlyFans: From Skepticism to Success: De Matteo admitted initial hesitation about joining OnlyFans. But after signing up, she was shocked to make enough money to pay off her mortgage in just FIVE MINUTES! Talk about a windfall!

From Financial Rock Bottom to OnlyFans Oasis: De Matteo’s situation was dire. With only $10 to her name, facing foreclosure, and struggling to care for her mom with dementia, she needed a miracle. OnlyFans became that miracle.

Turning Lemons into Lemonade (or Should We Say Diamonds?): De Matteo’s story is one of resilience and resourcefulness. She leveraged the platform to not only save her house but also launch her own business!

Drea de Matteo: Not Your Average Soccer Mom: This sassy mama is a force to be reckoned with! She’s not afraid to break the mold and embrace new ventures, all while shutting down negativity with a dose of humor. We here at CN Media  applaud her hustle and her hilarious parenting style!

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