The Special Editions of OctoAliens

The Special Editions of OctoAliens

The OctoAliens NFT Special Editions have been launched. 

Currently, only three OctoAliens Special Editions, one Gold/Special Edition, and one Super/Special Edition are available for sale on OpenSea. 

The Special Edition ones are Octo Homer, Octo Stoned and Octo Trinity

OctoAliens: the Special Edition

Octo Homer is a TV star beloved by all other OctoAliens. His rarity grade is Special Edition, with only 3% of OctoAliens having common traits. 

Its auction base is 0.3 ETH, or about $520. 

Octo Stoned on the other hand is dreaming of Earth, has the same rarity level as Octo Homer, and its auction base is 0.5 ETH, or around $850. 

Octo Trinity has a Special Edition rarity level with 2% traits in common with the other NFTs, and for this its auction base is 5 ETH, or almost $9,000. 

The only NFT in the Super/Special Edition series is Octo Saiyan, an alien from Planet Vegeta. 

Its starting bid is 0.45 ETH, or just under $800.

By contrast, the only NFT in the Gold/Special Edition series is Octo Gold, an all-gold alien who is coming to planet Earth. 

His Gold/Special Edition rarity level gives him features that only about 2% of other OctoAliens have in common. 

Its auction base is 4.75 ETH, or over $8,000. 

Special Edition NFTs do not have their own number, like the others in the OctoAliens collection, because they are additional to the numbered aliens.

A total of 65 NFTs from this collection are currently for sale on OpenSea, of which 47 are Common, 7 Rare and 4 Super. The rest belong to the Special Editions.

The rarity levels of the Special Edition NFTs are the same as the numbered OctoAliens, i.e. Common, Rare and Super, but with the special feature of having additional properties. 

Their minimum price is 0.5 ETH, and they have no maximum price. 

The numbered ones, on the other hand, do have a maximum price, with Common ranging from 0.04 to 0.08 ETH, Rare from 0.1 to 0.25 ETH and Super from 0.5 to 1 ETH. 

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