The subreddit seems to be having quite an increase of bots as of lately aimed solely at farming Moons

I think we’ve all noticed bots being present in the subreddit by now, but I feel as if it’s getting increasingly worse as of lately. Yes, we’ve got regular shitposters (including myself), repeat content and jokes getting milked to the maximum, but these bots are on another level.

[Just a quick look at the Daily Discussion a few minutes ago and the result from this thread alone is interesting to say the least.](

Would be interesting to hear if the Mods had any stats on these type of accounts or if they noticed this increase as well.

Anyone have an idea on how we could potentially combat this? It’s certainly a sensitive issue, as we can’t tell for sure which accounts are bots and which are just ***really*** unoriginal posters. Increasing certain standards to post would also effect actual new users, which is something we don’t want. Definitely not an easy thing to fix, if any fix is even possible, except for downvoting the posts of course.

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  1. If you notice bot-like users, please report it to the mod team. Bots are not allowed.

    Could you please message us the name of the user in your photo and we will look into it.

  2. I have seen many really good discussions and interesting content downvoted into oblivion. It seems like the work of bots who are scanning this sub and downvoting everything that hasn’t been posted by them in order to artificially increase their own visibility. It’s seriously getting out of hand.

  3. I’m personally getting like 5-10 brand new bot accounts that follow me every day, there is a huge amount of bots here. I think as long as the issue stays in the daily thread it’s fine, it moves so fast that comments get buried really fast. I think mods can’t really do much, the admins would need to step in

  4. A possible way to mitigate the no. of bots or duplicate accounts could be to have a condition for joining this sub to create a vault. No vault. No comments.

    Would this work. Should I touch base with a mod to make a governance poll?

  5. Perhaps the answer is if going to keep moons as rewards for people use it as a posting fee? Say 1 moon to post something but keep commenting free. I don’t know if that is even possible on reddit though…

    It would cut down a lot of the random posts. The only draw back is cutting out people who want to post critical or non popular questions/observations who may not have the moons to start with.

    Just food for thought x

  6. The solution would be to somehow track accounts that spams upvotes/downvotes and simply ban them at the end of the month. It would obviously not be a permanent solution but could be updated as the bots strategies changes.

  7. Yup, people always praise the amount of comments in the daily, while it’s obviously just a mix of the same bad recycled jokes and generic pointless comments

    Not really surprised by this but nice catch anyways

  8. I’ve noticed it too. Newly posted threads will always have 25% downvotes, at least, no matter what the quality of the post… within 10 or 15 minutes. I’ve bookmarked a couple and gone back several hours later and they would most often have a much higher % of upvotes. My thought was that bots are just downvoting every new post as soon as it goes up.

  9. What about giving mods the powers to temporarily lock vaults of accounts suspected of bot activity?

    I’m sure some users would get called out for being bots by posting typical inane chatter (something I’m guilty of from time to time for sure) but mods could pretty easily verify the status of the account, and if it is a bot, keep the vault locked and/or burn the moons in it.

    This assumes a certain number of dedicated mods and users not abusing the system by reporting random people as bots, but I think it could be feasible.



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