The True Millionaire Lane — Buy $637 Worth of Bitcoin, Then Adopt the Bitcoiner Mindset | by Sylvain Saurel | Nov, 2021

Sylvain Saurel

The rest will be a matter of patience to reach the only wealth that matters in life.

Illustration by Sylvain Saurel

his book “The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime” released in 2011, MJ DeMarco wants to draw your attention to the fact that next to the traditionally taught way to become rich after a long working life, there is a faster way: the famous Millionaire Fastlane.

MJ DeMarco has had tremendous success with his book and has built a community of thousands of entrepreneurs who want to achieve wealth before old age prevents them from enjoying it fully.

When I read MJ DeMarco’s book, I was not aware of the existence of Bitcoin. So his book appealed to me and I thought there was something to be done by following the leads he gives throughout his book.

After discovering Bitcoin, my view of this book has changed. I must admit that I then thought to myself what is the point of trying to become a millionaire in weak money that keeps being devalued over time by arbitrary decisions of a minority of people not representative of the people.

Because in reality, you can work to become a millionaire in the current monetary and financial system, but you will never have the true freedom to live your life on your own terms. Your thousands of dollars will be yours as long as you abide by the arbitrary rules set forth by the powerful at the head of the current monetary and financial system.

From the moment you don’t have the freedom to use your money as you want to, it seems obvious that you are not in control of your life.

This is where Bitcoin makes a difference by allowing you to opt for low-time preference. Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million units no matter what and a programmatic monetary policy. This gives you guarantees that you can build your life to have the financial freedom we should all aspire to.

With Bitcoin, you can follow the “True Millionaire Lane” in my opinion.

By buying $637 of Bitcoin today, when its price is $63.7K, you become a de facto millionaire in the Bitcoin system. This is because Bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places. The smallest unit in the Bitcoin system is the Satoshi with the following equivalence:

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC

Thus, by buying 0.01 BTC, you will have in your possession 1 million Satoshis. You will be a millionaire in the Bitcoin system. To do this, you currently need $637, but no doubt that amount will increase in the coming months and years as the price of Bitcoin appreciates against the US dollar.

Next, you’ll need to have the mindset of a true Bitcoiner by being patient to take full advantage of the Bitcoin revolution in the years to come. This means HODLing your Bitcoin no matter what by taking a long-term view.

In the future, talking in Satoshi will become the norm, because the price of Bitcoin will be so much higher. I’m talking about when Bitcoin will have surpassed the market cap of gold and everything that happens after.

Having bet on the success of the alternative system that is Bitcoin, you will then be able to use your wealth. This wealth will be real because you will be free to use your Bitcoin as you see fit. No one will be able to censor you or even try to confiscate the fruits of your labor for failure to comply with absurd arbitrary rules that the current system will no longer be able to impose on you.

Freed from the yoke of the current monetary and financial system, you will live your life on your own terms. This is the goal that all Bitcoiners want to strive for, and it is the goal that can become yours by truly understanding the liberating power of the Bitcoin revolution.

That’s all the happiness I wish you.

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