The Ultimate Newbalicious Guide to MOONs. Why MOON? How MOON? When MOON? I Searched Through Every MOON Flair Post. Here You Go.

After spending hours crawling the annals of this sub, searching for all the MOONalicious material I could find, I present to you, my crypto cousins, every resource you need to master the r/CryptoCurrency MOON.

You can find a link to the newest (04/21/2021) distribution proposal [here](

Overall, when in doubt, my friends – use the flair “MOONS” to search for an answer to questions most likely asked already.

# [Epic Collection Of MOON Related Announcements](

This also includes answers to MOON Tokenomics, and why MOONS have value.

# [MOON Wiki Page](


* The Vault
* Earning MOONS
* MOON Distribution
* Use Cases
* MOON Burns
* Proposals
* Rinkeby vs. Mainnet
* Extras

# [Sub Dedicated To MOONS](

# [Ongoing List Of MOON Proposals](

# [General Information Regarding MOONS]( (VIDEO)

Here is a nicely laid out video, giving you the high-points of MOONS.

Additionally, this is the official r/CryptoCurrency YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe. This is also where the MOON trivia is held most Friday afternoons (US Time).

# [General Information Regarding MOONS]( (TEXT)

# [Additional Info Regarding MOONS](

# [Difference Between MOON And xMOON](

# [Information About Reddit Vault](

# [Another Detailed Guide On Reddit Vault](

This is information about the vault, community points in general, and what the heck this vault business is all about.

# [Who Created Reddit Community Points?](

Kraken did a nice job explaining both moons and Reddit Community Points in this article.

# [Website To Buy And Sell MOONS]( (NANO)

Here you can buy more MOONS using NANO, and sell your MOONs for NANO in an easy-to-use platform.

# [Website To Buy And Sell MOONS]( (Banano)

# [Guide To Buy And Sell MOONS](

# [What Is The Price Of MOONS?](

As you can see, the price is steadily increasing over time. A nice indication that contribution to this sub will benefit you, and tipping others will actually mean something of value!

# [META Talk: MOONS On The Blockchain](

This is a nice overview of MOONS existing on the blockchain, why and how they exist.

# Do You Get MOONS For Downvotes?

No. You only get MOONs for upvotes in a month’s period of time.

# [MOON Farming Guide](

# [Misconceptions About MOONS](

# [Good Discussion On The Future Of MOONS](


Okay, my friends. That is ***every*** post I could find related to MOONS, searching via flair.

Let me know if I missed anything.


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  1. The process of converting from Moon>xMoon>xDai>USD seems pretty convoluted. Am I right to assume that once Moons hit the mainnet this process will be easier? For context, I pretty much exclusively use Coinbase.

  2. **THIS** is the list that I will suggest to everyone, that will have any questions about MOONs ! ![gif](emote|moon_emote|moon)

    Thanks for this awesome comprehensive list OP!

    Enjoy my award !

  3. Lots of great information here! I have been lurking for a while, but have decided to be more active in the community thanks to MOONs. This is very helpful for a MOON noob like myself.

  4. A fantastic job! But I still couldn’t find any info about should one be subscribed to this sub, on the moon’s will be distributed to everyone who got a positive karma within the period?

  5. wow. great work! thx. i guess you will get some moons with this. good for you! πŸ™‚

    i just read about moons some days ago and this helps to dig into this πŸ™‚
    maybe i will get some next time? πŸ˜€ likely not



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