The US debt is now projected to be larger than the US economy

The US debt is now projected to be larger than the US economy

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  1. Kindof a false comparison.. overall debt accumulated since inception of the US against GDP of a single year.

    I’d wager gross value of the entire economy is still much much larger than debt.

  2. It’s pretty scary how careless so many people are…. it’s like they’ve completely forgotten what happened when the world started printing money left and right before. The human races lack of ability to look at history and not repeat it will be our downfall

  3. It’s hilarious that people think the unraveling of the world’s biggest economies will be beneficial for crypto. It will devastate all asset classes. When the market was tanking, crypto dropped by double the DJIA. Nothing has changed in that regard.

    Crypto is still a volatile multiplier of market movements. It hasn’t really been shown to be a safe haven or a hedge yet.

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