Theory: Peter Schiff has been buying crypto for years. He keeps mentioning his son buying Bitcoin — and other give always.

Peter Schiff might be outplaying all of us. Here are some examples of his recent tweets:

“My son @SpencerKSchiff went all in on #Bitcoin  on the last drop below $50k. 100% of his portfolio is now in Bitcoin. He sold the last of his #silver stocks to raise the cash. If my own son is this brainwashed imagine how vulnerable most kids are. He’s HODLing to infinity or bust.”

“My son @SpencerKSchiff’s latest #Bitcoin  buy resulted in a follow by @jack. I guess that means he doesn’t have to worry about being de-platformed now. That’s still a risk for me as Jack doesn’t follow me. Will Spencer beat me to verification? At least I still have more followers.”

In all honesty, it’s almost like Peter is casually advertising crypto here. Maybe he is much smarter than people give him credit for. I wouldn’t be surprised if mighty Peter has been accumulating big crypto wallets all these years. Any other ideas what is going on here? Maybe he just has a good sense of humor and I’m reading too much into this?

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  1. What would be the point of his continuing to denigrate Bitcoin to this extent?

    I think if he were to say that he buys Bitcoin today, it would have a definite impact.

    If he owns Bitcoin, it would be in his interest to say so publicly now.

  2. His gold exchange has been accepting crypto for years – and crypto people are probably half his business.

    If he says he doesn’t own it I believe him. Imo, schiff is a pretty principled man. He definitely plays the arrogance card on Twitter regarding Bitcoin but I think much of it is trolling or attempts to start a discussion or just him having some good old fun.

  3. Of course! They are both balls deep in Bitcoin and trolling the world. The only reason I can think of why Peter is denying it is to prevent him from being ridiculed by his millionaire friends who actually hate Bitcoin when Bitcoin tanks to zero value

    Anyway.. thanks for coming to my Ted talk



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