There is so much wrong with this, where do I begin?

There is so much wrong with this, where do I begin?

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  1. If people want to be this stupid and make up their own reality, so be it. It’s the fact that they’re roping in people who don’t know any better that bothers me. Part of me thinks this person isn’t a complete idiot, that they’re purposefully making stuff up to fool others… or maybe they just have an over active imagination. I can’t fathom the idea that a human being can believe this to the point they’re making a post about it?

    Do people this dumb really exist?

  2. Honestly it’s like a weird cult over there, completely disconnected from reality. Amazing how nearly every Dogecoiner claims to have bought at the lowest and made a load of profit in a zero sum game.

    They just don’t want to accept Papa Elon is rinsing them. Stupidity is the oldest economy going

  3. I’m new to crypto, can someone explain why dogecoin is so bad? Besides the fact that it was made as a meme/joke. I just want to know more of the specifics, I’m not defending the coin.

  4. I’ve been into crypto since the early days of BTC. None of my other friends have ever expressed interest in any of this stuff. Today one of my friends changed his Facebook profile pic to a dogecoin logo. When I asked him why he did so, he told me because he’s *“all-in and going to the moon!”*

    WTF is going on with this memecoin?

  5. This is such a tragedy, there seems to be enthusiam about this space in those people, but this will just make them hate it, and they will spread this haste to everyone around them and keep em from being an early adopter… Our goodboi has become something sinister and it saddens me, truly. I’ve had Doge bags for years now and I was reluctant to sell them so I wouldn’t be one of those that benefits from their innocence… But well, in the end they force you too as the damage is done…

  6. Im so glad I escaped the Doge hole and studied more about cryptocurrency that will definetly improve and benefit to the future. And not worshipping Elon who is probably grabbing their money for fun

  7. The Doge Github page is not exactly booming with development, or cutting edge code, the last major commit being in 2019. Is Elon supposed to suddenly pay a whole lot of coders and get them into a programming frenzy, and start transitioning the stale Dodge codebase over to a fork of Cardano’s code base? The probability of that happening is such an unbelievably far-fetched gamble.

  8. The positive side of the DOGE hype is that it’s getting new people into cryptocurrency. Hello.

    I was fascinated to read about the GME/WallStreetBets thing, but I knew it was way too late by time I’d heard about it. Reading about how DOGE could be next got me doing more reading. I knew I was probably too late for that one too, but in trying to answer the question ‘how would I go about getting some DOGE?’ I ended up with a Binance account and some BNB. A very small amount, but it grew.

    I achieved my goal of owning some DOGE, then sold it again. I’m still only quite lightly in, but mainly in ADA, BNB and VET, and doing ok. The crypto path has a hard fork between…

    * Keep yelling ‘DOGE TO THE MOOOOON’ and ‘HODL HODL HODL’.
    * Well, that was a fun meme, now where’s the actual good stuff around here?

    …and some people take the wrong path.

    Or maybe the future will be DOGE-based and we’re the ones who have it wrong. Stranger things have happened, but I’m not putting money on them.



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