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The crypto gaming sector and the evolving play-to-earn (P2E) framework clutched with Blockchain and Metaverse is the potential future. Reputed Blockchain game firms, major institutional investors, and NFT creators have been looking to annex plots in the Metaverse. However, MANA and SAND, the chief virtual world tokens remained saviors of the falling global crypto cap over the past two weeks.

Many other projects are popping up to flow with the Metaverse tide. Notably, Polkacity, NakamotoGames, Sincity token, and Polkawarn NFT up the ante with new collaborations and integrations. 

Polkacity (POLC): 

PolkaCity is an advanced contract-based NFT platform that enables users to invest in virtual assets through a virtual landscape. The platform has recently announced a strategic partnership with FerrumNetwork. The ecosystem would be merging with Ferrum’s staking technology to accelerate their approaching metaplot sale. 

The POLC price has undergone a prolonged bearish move over the past four months. Yet the altcoin has managed to quickly align with a trend post-Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. It has surged by more than 200% to reclaim its previous ATH of $2.89 on November 3rd. However, the POLC price appears to have generated a descending triangle pattern. In the case of bearish dominance, the asset would plummet between $0.6 to $0.8. 

Nakamoto Games (NAKA): 

Nakamoto Games has been a play-to-earn gaming firm that enables an effective gaming experience. The ecosystem has introduced the branding for the NAKAVERSE on November 21st, 2021. The $NAKA token holders would be allowed to acquire virtual space in NAKAVERSE to develop and monetize their gaming experience. 

Nakamoto games have been one of the young and promising projects shown positive signs of price momentum since its advent. Post claiming an ATH of $7 on the 31st of October, the NAKA price appears to be gaining strength within the $3.5 to $4 zone. If its upgrades pass in appealing to the larger user base, then it would continue to generate new higher highs. 

Sin City Metaverse (SIN):

The protocol has been a social play-to-earn platform built on Blockchain technology. The ecosystem is occupied with constant liquidity pool staking programs. In its recent pool conduct, a total of 10.4 million tokens was staked, and 2.2 million total volume locked was sold out. The platform is ready with a blockchain map to host the biggest land sale event in December. 

The SIN price has oppressed the bearish rule post the trend reversal to Meta. Further, the price has reached a crucial resistance zone of $0.3476 with 11.87% gains round the clock. Once the scheduled upgrades go live, there are high probabilities of SIN price to claim new ATH. 

Polkawar NFT (PWAR):

Polkawar is a decentralized cross-chain game creating a lot of media buzz about its functionalities. The fighting game platform has recently announced its collaboration with Dragon Land. In addition, the platform has further partnered with to allow users to build and monetize their gaming experience in the Polygon blockchain.   

The asset has seen exponential growth post the trend reversal to Meta. The asset seems to take a short breather post claiming a new ATH of $1.06 on 16th November. A further boom in Metaverse mania would take PWAR price in pace with it. 

However, Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are just evolving, they promise sustainable growth in the crypto space for a long time. Collectively, the Sandbox and Decentraland were traders’ favorites in the recent rally of the Metaspace. Meanwhile, the aforementioned protocols further display the identical attributes to soar higher.  Moreover, the same projects were backed by one of the crypto proponents

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