These Altcoins Could Yield the Most Out-Of Day Trades This Bull Cycle

Traders in the crypto industry are looking keenly at coins from the space. To yield the most out of day trading. And the top picks in most of the scenarios have been altcoins. Generally, the lesser talked ones, which hold the higher potential to give out higher returns in the short term. Analyst lists out top altcoins to consider for day trades.

Altcoins to Consider for Day Trades

Popular crypto analyst gives out top altcoins for day trades, for current market conditions. Meanwhile, traders are looking towards entry points to extract most of their holdings. One must be looking for entry points based on historical price action. Which would be a wiser way to get into a trade.

Decentraland(MANA) Price

MANA at press time is trading at $2.87 with negative gains of 11.1%. While the market cap is at $3,803,132,126. The 24-hour trading volume hovers around $2,851,920,651. The altcoin has been floating between $2.76 and $3.26 round the clock. The coin hit its ATH of $4.11, a couple of days ago. 

The entry points remain around the support zones at levels of $2.58 and $2.60. Lower time frames can give out better entry points. The coin has retraced pretty well from the support zones to levels as much as 25-29%. 

The ArpaChain (ARPA) Price

ARPA is currently trading at $0.221 with impressive gains of 46.5%. The market cap of the coin floats around $217,759,817. While round-the-clock trading volume floats around $1,059,608,269. The price of ARPA has been moving along the levels of $0.148 and $0.226 for the last 24-hours. Which gives an estimate for entry points. The coin hit its ATH of $0.226 a few hours ago.

The coin has been volatile for the past few days, and it did give out a breakout. And a resistance-support flip over has been seen. The digital asset is still making resistance-support flips. Analyst advises traders to look out for a previous resistance area of 15.4 cents. Which would be the area of entry from where traders could scoop out longs and take profits. While stop-loss is being placed at 14.8. And target zones around 18 cents for the next 20 to 25%.

The Sandbox(SAND) Price

The altcoin at press time is trading at $2.80 with gains of 1.6%. While the market cap is around $2,520,515,976, the trading volume for last 24-hours is at $4,523,658,707. The coin has been moving across the range of $2.57 and $3.28 round the clock. It did hit its ATH the previous day at $3.33. 

A support-resistance flip can be seen on the charts. Traders might want to scoop out at the support zones around $2.52 and $2.55. Traders might look out at aggressive moves with lower time frames.

Dent(DENT) Price

DENT at the time of writing is selling at $0.00739 with negative gains of 5.1%. The market cap of the asset floats around $709,013,644. While the trading volume for a day and a night is at $208,551,369. DENT’s price movement has been in the range of $0.0072 and $0.0082. The coin remains short of its ATH of $0.1006 by a greater margin. Which was from 4 years ago.

The asset has given out breakouts and constant support-resistance flips have accompanied. The scoop game would be similar to the aforementioned fellow coins. Purchases can be done at support levels of $0.0070 and $0.0071.

Collectively, purchase orders have been playing a pivotal role in trading. Extracting profits is directly linked with entry points and historical price movements of the assets. Hence, traders might make note of the entry points and past price movements before getting into the game.

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