These shitcoin names are hilariously off the roof

So I looked at [Token Sniffer]( to investigate a rug pull of a coin I saw on a moonshot sub and this is the first coins I saw on the trending part of the front page.

Viagra (VIAGRA)

RIPHarambe (RIPH)


EloniumCoin (ELNC)

VitalikShiba (VSHIBA)

Fuck Elon musk (FUCKELON)

And probably the best of all,


Man, I find it hilarious anyone would throw any money on these stuff.

Edit. I just refreshed the page and now ElonPussy (EP) is at the top. Nice.

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  1. Because the 0.1% of people who actually do make a lot of money off of stuff like this get into mainstream media. Hence more and more people want those β€œeasy” profits.

  2. This is why we cant have nice things. People are actually buying this stuff in hopes of catching the next shiba.

    It happened in 2017 as well with everyone trying to the next ICO. Pretty soon people were releasing shady ICOs.

  3. I just hope my meme contest winnings of $20mil make me filthy rich in a few years.

    you know, so I can tell my kids that I paid for their college education with pussy.

  4. If you want to see all the new upcoming shitcoins, check out the DxSale DeFi launchpad. It’s how they’re all raising initial liquidiy. Make sure your Metamask is set to BSC.

    Here’s one that’s raised 19 BNB despite all the comments about how it’s a scam.

    And there are THOUSANDS of these.

  5. Do you think the new safemoon exchange should carry shit coins like BTC and ETHEREUM?

    What are your thoughts on the scam coins that charge outrageous fees and can’t hold their value if a celebrity says something about them?

    Sure shit coins like BTC have no real use case, high fees, are expensive and yet are unable to hold their value.. probably could be called scam coins since the vast majority are held by a few wallets..

    Or if you call them a Ponzi scheme that’s okay too. Did you know the scam exchanges that list these coins don’t even have a phone number?

    I think it’s still okay to carry these coins on the new exchange anyway what do you think?

What do you think?


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