They want your precious bitcoin. Please stay away from blatant manipulation. These guys are master puppeteers. They don’t control science, just the garbage texts coming out of their mouths.

Bitcoin was here before and will be here forever after whatever person spews their opinion billes in tweets. Manipulation works exactly in the same way as the last US election everywhere, by people following blindlessly the cult personality. Be aware of this, always. Real life is not media, real life is us, the people, not a cult leader, stop being sheep in need of a shepherd. Stay awesome, bitcoin community. I remember the fair at the beginning of this journey when people used only crypto between themselves to exchange for food and stuff and it was beautiful. [Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Documentary]( We should focus on this more. How to live only on crypto without third parties. Food, health, clean water, heat, sanitation, etc. We should focus on how to make bitcoin use less fees per transactions without hurdles and better and easier explanations for everyone. We should push dictators out of tech and replace the corrupted and corruptable humans with fair tech for everyone.

Conclusion: Stay awesome and don’t be fearful! Satoshi upgraded humanity and he doesn’t have his face on the coin, think about that.

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