This conference has been a giant salespitch for every coin but bitcoin. Fuck Bitcoin Magazine for allowing malicious actors on the stage and attack bitcoin and shill shitcoin scams!

This conference has been a giant salespitch for every coin but bitcoin. Fuck Bitcoin Magazine for allowing malicious actors on the stage and attack bitcoin and shill shitcoin scams!

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  1. Fact of the matter is that there is more money to be made selling ICO scams and shitcoins to suckers than there is in doing anything legitimate. Ever since Ripple started paying people ~$2000 a head to attend bitcoin conferences and shill ripple in 2013 pretty much every “bitcoin conference” has been shitcoin and scam shilling.

    I’ve seen seen an ICO scammer argue that bitcoiners can’t criticize their ICO fraud because they participated in a conference sponsored by it.

    And of course, this fact makes sensible people stay the heck away from Bitcoin conferences, which of course increases the scam concentration even when the organizers try to optimize for something other than filling their pockets with sweet sweet scammer money as fast as possible.

  2. I unstickied the livestream link after comments were made on the main stage about bitcoin’s 21 million limit being a soft cap, while also disparaging the lighting network as slow compared to shitcoins

    maybe tomorrow will be better

  3. Seems like a bunch of people in here have never been to a conference before. In my experience the First day always has some “softer” ideas and not the best speakers. Kind of like a warm-up. Relax, it’ll be okay.

  4. Also lot of woke BS going on. Some guy started a sales pitch on diversity and gender equality and I almost drowned in my barf.

    My god, what a cringefest. I was trying to watch this to have a break from that BS.

    Imagine, some people paid $2000+ to hear this drivel.

  5. Shilling shit coins is much lower hanging fruit than building something useful around the BTC network.

    Also much more profitable short-term. This was inevitable from day 1.

  6. It was clear last year this conference had been co-opted by the moneyed class. As has Bitcoin. Just roll with it. It was always going to happen, it is what it is. True Plebs are never going to be in the VIP rooms of anything in life

  7. Well, this is what decentralised means – you don’t have people with vested interest in promoting it unless they buy heavily into it. Even then, you’re already dealing with $0.8T market cap, you’d hardly make a dent promoting it.

    Money talks and new developments are interesting (even if they might not be good). Meanwhile Bitcoin is chugging along doing slow and steady progress.

    But yeah, that’s one of the big reasons I have little to no interest in any conferences anymore – I won’t put money into shitty new coins, I don’t care to be advertised to, and I’m certainly not paying and spending time to be subjected to that. Meanwhile people that want to get rich quick are a dime a dozen and willingly throw their money at that…

  8. Typical influencer and “I have a check on Instagram listen to me” sausage fest. Everyone just goes to the conference now to go bang hookers and escorts at E11EVEN and LIV anyway-who are not even that great. Okay I may have purchased the services of a few 😂
    But Colombia is way better.

  9. Sounds like a bunch of shitcoin shills infiltrating the conference to try to sow seeds of distrust. Maybe including some Ethereum shills jealous of an actual hard cap, and as such pretending Bitcoin doesn’t have one either. And no Ethereum, burns don’t mean much when your issuance exceeds burn rates. With Bitcoin, this is a moot point, because we KNOW the max cap and it we know it is a hard cap. Hence Bitcoin truly is digital gold.

  10. I mean look at the speaker list. Those are web3 people and people supported by the world economic forum.

    And I saw an advertisement at the miami airport which told people that 80% of all dollars were printed during the pandamic. M2 money supply is up around 25%. They used M1 money supply which is missleading. Not really trustworthy.

    This conference is a big joke.

  11. The loss of block rewards and it becoming basically transaction fee based is a real problem.Fees will have to be to high to justify mining. People need to ask themselves if they would rather see Bitcoin fail then to find a solution to a real problem? The dirty little secret is that transaction fees alone will not pay enough to justify mining. The numbers of miners that stay in the game will bring the hash rate down to a level that would make a 51% attack feasible. Maybe a two percent (+/-) built in inflation rate at that time would resolve this real life issue. Maybe a block reward based on current hash rate. When the hash rate drops the reward increases.

  12. Bitcoin doesn’t need to be pitched. Those who have brains know what it is worth. And those who don’t, well, they will still pour their money into cryptosphere before getting wrecked and it will land up in good projects eventually.

  13. You are alllllmost there. Keep going.

    There is just more upside and opportunity in literally every other coin out there. Everyone who is going to get rich from Bitcoin is already rich from Bitcoin.

    Hodl your bag, sure. But don’t put your head in the sand. There is so much going on out there.

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