This didn’t aged well

This didn’t aged well

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  1. I’d say it aged excellently! The point of that comment was to highlight how terrible _both_ bitcoin and ethereum as they existed in 2014 are relative to what we actually need, and how necessary scaling technology (whether sharding or some L2) is to solve the problem. And we’ve been working hard on scaling ever since; rollups have been running for over a year in a simple form and are expanding to support full EVM capability soon. I’ll admit we were over-optimistic on timelines, of course, but the problem has been proven to be very important and the solutions have been proven fundamentally sound and are (finally!) very close to deployment.

  2. It is kind of absurd, and current events do not change that.

    A far more recent quote from Vitalik in November of last year;

    [Realistically, for the next ~2 years, Ethereum will be an ecosystem under rapid transformation. The hexary trie is being replaced with a binary trie, PoW is being ripped out and replaced with PoS, we’re adding an unprecedented new technology called “data availability sampling”, and on top of that the economics are being radically revamped on three fronts: (i) PoW -> PoS, (ii) EIP 1559, (iii) user activity moving from L1 to L2. **The Ethereum ecosystem has a resolute goal of being a stable and dependable system in the long run, but if you are here in Ethereum today, you should be here not because you believe the current rules (economic or technical) deserve to be protected and stabilized at all costs, but because you believe in where the ecosystem is going. In two years the main task will be to stabilize and cherish what we will have built. Until then, participation in Ethereum is unavoidably in part a prediction that the roadmap is a good one and that once this upgrading process ends we actually will get to a place where the network is efficient and stable and powerful and capable of being the base of significant parts of the global economy.**](

  3. Ok serious question, are there any signs that ETH 2.0 is going to actually deliver on lower gas fees bc the situation right now is really bringing me down. Vitalik seems to keep pushing projections back.

  4. Creating an open source project should not need funding. Especially when you assign a % of premined coins to yourself. Remember when the creator of Bitcoin, Monero assigned % of coin to themselves. Oh wait…



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